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Sept. 2017  

  Missed the 4-8 foundational reading training?
Here’s an overview

Nearly 50 4th-8th grade educators from across South Dakota attended a foundational reading training in Pierre last month. This was the first time the Department of Education offered this training to teachers of these grade levels. Previous trainings had focused on grades K-3.

The training focused on foundational reading skills known as “the big five” (fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, phonemic awareness and phonics). These literacy skills are needed to help struggling readers at the upper elementary and middle school levels. The training featured a research-informed knowledge base and practical sample lesson models.

The training incorporated reading skills along with other literacy skills in the areas of critical thinking and writing. These skills all connect to fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension needed for success at the upper grade levels.

image of teacher writing on paper on wall while another teacher stands close.

During the "Chalk Talk" activity pictured here, an article was divided into sections. Participants independently read their section, annotated their ideas, and then shared their comments on the chart papers. Groups moved from chart to chart, reading and then responding or adding comments to the conversation. This activity is done in silence until each chart paper has been visited by all participants. Then small/large group conversations occurred. “Chalk Talk” allows students to share ideas through written comments and then expand on those discussions orally.

Texts referenced in the training included the following:

  • “Teaching Reading Sourcebook” (Updated Second Edition)
  • “How to Teach Students to Critically Think about Text” by Jill Jackson
  • “How to Teach Students to Write Informational Text” by Jill Jackson
Trainer Sally Crowser, with TIE, developed the activity pictured below, which used common Greek and Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes. Groups were provided cards with the roots, prefixes and suffixes and then given the task of creating words. Word creations included “disautos,” “imastroer” and “transmicro.”

Image of Sally Crowser sitting at table with group of teachers with word on papers.

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