Using Dakota STEP data from 2009 and 2010, READING Up takes aim at student performance on specific English language arts content standards. The statewide initiative involves targeted professional development for teachers; it focuses on the two standards at each grade level with which students struggle the most.

How will it benefit my school?
* Teachers develop rigorous lessons and assignments, aligned to the targeted standards.
* The process, or model, can be applied to all content areas.
* Initiative has the potential to raise Dakota STEP reading scores.

Who should attend?
- Curriculum directors
- Elementary teachers
- Teams of middle and high school teachers focused on improving reading

What does the process involve?
In preparation for the workshop, teachers will need to gather any lessons currently used in the classroom for instruction of the identified standards. Teachers will be asked to include student assignments and samples of student work. Teachers are encouraged to bring any integrated lessons from science, social studies or math used in the instruction of these standards

During the workshop, teachers will learn the Standards in PracticeTM model to revise assignments and lessons. After the workshop teacher are asked to revise other lessons and assignments, give students a short pre-assessment using Achievement Series, implement lessons and assignments, and give students a short post-assessment using Achievement Series.

Dates and Locations
Fact Sheet
Graduate Enrollment Form
Identified Standards
Registration Directions
Sample Student Assignment
Teachers Memo of Understanding
Workshop Agenda
Webinar Dates and Info
Blooms Taxaomony Chart
Focus Area Standards
Practices that Increase Rigor
SIP Notes and Observation Sheet
SIP Theory


For more information contact Becky Nelson, (605) 773-4681.