- The Nuts and Bolts of Alcohol Impairment
- Chamberlain’s Success with District Tobacco Free School Policy

The Nuts and Bolts of Alcohol Impairment

White River Middle School Counselor Tonya Boyd and Michael Glynn Memorial Coalition Director Joyce Glynn teamed up to present a lesson to middle school students a few weeks ago; a lesson that began by threading a nut onto a metal screw.
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Chamberlain’s Success with District Tobacco Free School Policy

Chamberlain’s “Tobacco-Free Property Policy”, effective in 2009, was drafted with the help of the Prevention Coordinator, Tanya Derdall. She worked with Chamberlain’s former superintendent Dr. Tim Mitchell, school board, school staff, and students in formulating the policy. The district used a model policy as a reference.

There were hurdles to be overcome, such as enforcing the policy at various school events. Patrons seen smoking, were asked to step off of school property. Most were very cooperative as staff stressed that the policy covers the entire Chamberlain School District and that enforcement of the policy sets an example for children.

There has always been an “awareness campaign” in Chamberlain schools with wall posters or literature available to students and parents. Students also attended some no-tobacco training sessions to help promote the tobacco policy.

The tobacco free policy did not seem to be an issue with the staff, students or visitors. There has always been an awareness of “modeling” and keeping the students in mind if staff happened to be smokers. Tobacco products are not allowed in student’s possession or on school property. The policy helped to enforce consequences for possession or use. Visitors seem to be considerate and respectful of following the policy.

Chamberlain currently has a School Health Council that receives funding from the SD Coordinated School Health program. This committee continues to support “no smoking” efforts in the district.

Feb. 2012
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