- The Amazing Body Exhibit Tours South Dakota
- Fit for a Healthier Generation Physical Activity DVDs

The Amazing Body Exhibit Tours South Dakota

The Amazing Body Exhibit will be available to all schools and after school programs during the 2012 school year. The exhibit includes a set of 11 visual and interactive learning centers on body organs, nutrition, and physical activity as well as tips to enhance each learning station, classroom follow-up activities, and an online evaluation tool.

Schools and agencies interested in the exhibit will be reimbursed up to $125 for fruit and vegetable snacks for youth who participate in the tour. Schools and agencies applying for the mini-grant must participate in US Department of Agriculture child nutrition programs such as CACFP, school lunch, after school snack or child and adult food program.

The Amazing Body Exhibit is sponsored by Team Nutrition, in the South Dakota Department of Education. Team Nutrition is an integrated, behavior-based, comprehensive nationwide plan for promoting the nutritional health of the nation’s school children.

To request the kit complete download application.

Fit for a Healthier Generation Physical Activity DVDs

In an effort to expand the way physical activity is delivered to millions of children and youth across the country, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation has announced a national fitness campaign to get kids moving.

The Fit for a Healthier Generation campaign features pre-recorded, 3-5 minute physical activity breaks aimed at getting kids up, moving and having fun throughout the day. The physical activity breaks feature simple, classroom-based and program-appropriate movements to get kids’ heart rates up and to have fun.

Schools can access the fitness breaks by joining the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program online at www.HealthierGeneration.org. There is no cost to join the Healthy Schools Program, and members have access to hundreds of resources, including a variety of no-cost technical assistance tools.

For more information about the Alliance for a Healthier Generation contact Kari Senger, Healthy Schools Program Manager for South Dakota.
Nov. 2012