- Healthy Snack Choices Made Easy

Healthy Snack Choices Made Easy

Students at McKinley School in the Pierre School District found that learning about selecting healthy snacks can be easy and fun thanks to the Team Nutrition Healthy Choices mini-grant that was recently awarded to them. The mini-grant is designed to promote healthy snack choices at concessions stands, in vending machines, at school stores, for fundraising and/or ala carte options at a school or agency.

The Pierre and Stanley County School District’s after school programs worked together to use funds from the Healthy Choices mini-grant. They chose to celebrate National Food Day by hosting a movie titled “What’s on Your Plate?” at the State Theatre in Pierre. “What's On Your Plate?” is a documentary film about healthy eating and how healthy food choices are good for both the individual and the community.

Before attending the movie, students attended a presentation on the Munch Code, a color coded labeling program reminding us that foods in the GREEN category are the healthiest and we can “eat a bunch.” YELLOW foods may have added sugar, fat or calories and we should be careful to have “just a little.” Foods falling into the RED category are on the “not so much” list and should be avoided. During the movie’s intermission, students were challenged to use the snack cues of RED, YELLOW, and GREEN to assist them in making a healthy snack choice.

The Munch Code, along with the Healthy Concessions Model Policy, is a tool that can be used to promote and encourage healthy eating in our communities. Click here to learn more about the Munch Code and to order the FREE Munch Code kit.

For more information about this event or Team Nutrition contact Mary Kirk at mary.kirk@state.sd.us or (605) 773-4718.
Nov. 2012
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