- Don’t Change Records-Homeless Programming
- Title I LEA End of the Year Reporting—changes
- Title I Consolidated Application Feedback and Changes
- Supplemental Education Services and Public School Choice

Don’t Change Records-Homeless Programming

Once a student is identified as homeless, the student must be identified in Infinite Campus by using a drop down box and then indicating the housing situation at the time of identification – see below.

The student must remain identified as homeless in Infinite Campus (and other student information systems) throughout the entire school year. Do not change the record in Infinite Campus. Students who become permanently housed during the school year continue to be eligible for services and their record should not be changed in Infinite Campus. When a student comes to your district, he/she may have a homeless designation. Do not change the designation. A district would have no reason to change a student’s homeless record once the student is identified.

SD DOE will collect the data at the end of the school year. After data collection, the designation will drop off the record for the beginning of the new school year. This information is included in the SD DOE Data Collections Desk Guide. The information was also included in our Fall Data Management training for district staff.

Your district McKinney-Vento homeless liaison and data staff should review your district’s M-V data now to ensure it is accurate. The most common problem is students not being identified in the system. SD DOE will pull the data at the end of the school year. One use of the data is to determine the Title I homeless set asides for the 2012-13 school year.

Title I LEA End of the Year Reporting—changes

The Department of Education has been working diligently on a longitudinal data system this year. As part of that process we are trying to streamline as much data as possible as we gather it between the several offices in the department.

The LEA Annual End of the Year Report will look much different this year and will be much shorter! Hold the applause, this means that the Title I teacher/coordinator for each school and/or district will need to work closely with the person that inputs data into Infinite Campus (IC). The Title I department will be extracting as much information from IC as possible for federal reporting. Some of the data that will need to be submitted via a separate report will include staffing information, private school information, homeless information, and N&D information.

With that being said, we know it will take some extra coordination this year to make this effort work, but we are confident the two sides can reconcile the data to be accurate. Christine Christopherson will be contacting districts with their specific information as it currently stands in IC and ask that it be cleaned up if necessary. If all goes well, the separate report will be very short. Our May 8th phone call will be dedicated to the report and provide guidance for filling out what is necessary. Our May 8th phone call will be dedicated to the report and provide guidance for filling out what is necessary.

Title I Consolidated Application Feedback and Changes

Last month we asked for feedback about the consolidated application process from school districts and those that fill out the application. We had about 20 responses with both strengths and suggestions.

Some of the strengths of our state process included that the application is online and it rolls over from year to year and that makes the updates minimal unless the district makes some major changes. Some of the suggestions varied from changing private school questions to repetitiveness of questions to the length of application.

Our office was able to make a few changes with the repetitiveness of the preschool sections. Many of those questions will be streamlined and made into one or two narrative questions. We cannot eliminate those questions from showing up in middle school/high school areas as that would involve a programming change this year.

We will continue to look for other ways to help this process and with other change eminent in the future there are sure to be more to come. Feedback is always appreciated and when we can accommodate schools and districts to simplify paperwork it alleviates “extra” work for all.

Supplemental Education Services and Public School Choice

South Dakota has applied for a Flexibility Waiver from US ED that will eliminate the need for Districts to set-aside an amount equal to 20% of their Title I funding for Public School Choice (PSC) and Supplemental Education Services (free tutoring program). If this waiver is approved, South Dakota schools will no longer be mandated to provide either form of intervention for any of their students.

RFPs for potential providers for the 2012-2013 school year will be accepted and will be available beginning April 16, 2012 and due May 30, 2012, with the understanding that the program may be discontinued and the applications may be voided.

If the waiver is not approved, districts will need to proceed as usual as they prepare for the upcoming school year, including a budget item for the 20% amount. For further information or questions in general, please call Betsy Chapman, SD SES/PSC Coordinator at (605) 773-4712 or by email at

Spring 2012