Summer 2016

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities:

21st Century Community
Learning Centers Summer Institute

July 19-21
Phoenix AZ

21st CCLC Makerspace Training
July 29, 2016
Drifters Event Center/Restaurant
Ft. Pierre, SD

Title Conference
August 1-2, 2016
Cedar Shore Resort
Oacoma, SD

2016 SoDakSACA Conference
Oct. 13-15, 2016
Deadwood, SD

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Mark's Money Tip:

Coming up later this summer our finance office will be conducting training webinars to show all the continuation 21st Century Community Learning Centers sub grantees how to load your fiscal year 2017 budgets on the new Grants Management System (GMS). Dates have not yet been set, but email notifications will be sent out to everyone notifying them when the webinars will take place.

Mark Gageby is a management analyst for the South Dakota Department of Education and oversees funding for the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant program.

Resource Corner:

WKCD (What Kids Can Do) is a national nonprofit founded in 2001 by an educator and a journalist with more than 60 years combined experience supporting adolescent learning in and out of school.

WKCD's 2016 Summer Bucket List, by and for Teens

We're often asked if we have a "summer bucket list" for teens that we could share. For the past three years, we've searched the web for lists posted by young people across the country. This year's looks like last year's: the ideas, more than 90, stand the test of time. We invite you to share the list with kids you know and to use it as a spring(summer) board to come up with your own ideas--perhaps ideas more suited to your own circumstances--and to try some of the ideas yourself.

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Center Highlight:
Belle Fourche School District – Elementary and High School

    Contributors: Elementary: Val Fowler High School: Marybeth ‘Buzz’ Bevier

Schools Served: Belle Fourche Elementary and High School

After-School Program: Elementary: 3:20-5:30 High School: 3:45-5:15

Daily Attendance: Elementary: 35-40, High School: 12-22

Summer Program: Elementary: 7:45-3:30 M-F for 6 weeks, 60-70 kids served, High School: 8:30-3:30 Pottery serves 15-20, Mentoring serves 3-7, and High School 101 serves 7-12 students
The Elementary Program
The Elementary program is called TRAK -- Teaching Readiness and Knowledge. It is a state licensed child care program, which offers a snack along with educational as well as fun-filled opportunities for students to attend afterschool. The students are split into two groups – Kindergarten – 2nd grade and 3rd – 4th graders. The TRAK staff members work in the school district and therefore offer years of experience and excellent ideas to keep the students learning. During the last two years, the enrollment has doubled; this is attributed to the addition of more science experiments and hands on kits.

The program also has Fun Fridays. Belle Fourche School District operates on a 4-day school week, so these Fridays are when they are typically out of school, and provide another chance for learning and for students to try new things. Teachers from the school district provide their time, with high school students who also volunteer to help in many ways. This past October, as part of their participation with Lights On Afterschool, they partnered with the middle school program to offer students an evening exploring local businesses exhibits, the SDCHIP (South Dakota Child Identification program) was available, and parents enjoyed supper with their children.

The summer program starts in June and is based around weekly themes. They have 3 two-week sessions which are subject specific; such as Dinosaurs or Solar Systems. During that time, students will learn, research, experiment, and go on field trips related to that subject. They also swim each week and participate in the reading program with the city library. Val, who is the program director, had this to say, “This program has been an asset to the school district. It provides a safe and educational environment where students are learning, even when they don’t think they are! We have many students who attend every year, and soon their younger siblings are too.”

The High School Program
The afterschool program serves between 12-22 students on a daily basis. It consists of many enrichment programs such as Art Club, Spanish Club, Community Service, and Chess Club – to name a few. These clubs give students the opportunity to socialize, as well as participate in fun activities. The afterschool program also allows the students to access an area to work on homework. If a student is in need of a tutor one is provided. This one-on-one attention has been a huge benefit to the students. This is what Buzz had to say about the afterschool tutoring program, “The cost in providing the one on one is of no concern, because the program is about helping kids. The success of the student is what matters.”

The High School also offers Friday Intercession activities. Attendance for these days ranges from 50-75. Many students come in on Fridays to do homework, work on projects, and have small work groups with math and science teachers. Activities consist of Art, Chess Club, Spanish Club, Community Service, GPS Hiking in the Black Hills, GEO Caching, Culinary Art 101, CPR Certification, ACT prep testing, Woodworking, Solid Works(3-D printer applications). Spanish Club, Art Club, and Culinary Art 101 encourage parents to attend. Spanish Club and Culinary Art both consist of making a wide range of dishes which require advanced to difficult cooking procedures.

The Summer High School program begins right after school is released and lasts until the second week in July. Mentoring kicks off the program followed by Pottery and High School 101. All the programs have had a great success rate and continue to grow each year. The Pottery class offers a rich history in pottery followed by producing outstanding works of art through the molding of clay. The High School 101 class prepares incoming freshman for high school. This class provides information on how to study and how to write a paper using proper MLA format. Students also learn about what to expect when entering high school including social cues and what to expect with upper classmen. Students can participate in community service activities. Students establish an electronic portfolio which they will maintain throughout high school. The class provides students with valuable information on financial literacy, personal learning style, and the dangers of social media, school handbook, how to conduct research, reading comprehension, communication skills, and self-advocacy.

The high school program has shown great success throughout the years because of the dedicated staff of teachers and support staff. This program relies on the expertise of the teachers and also their genuine support of the students.


21st CCLC Summer Training Opportunity

    Don’t forget about the upcoming training focused solely on Makerspaces! The date is Friday, July 29th at the new Drifters Restaurant and Event Center by the bridge in Ft. Pierre. The time will be from 10:30 am-3:30 pm CDT. There will be a working lunch served but you will be responsible for the cost. It will be $12 per person which includes a drink. Please let us know if you plan on coming and how many will be coming from your sites (you can email Sue. or Jill with names.) Also, let us know how many will be eating the lunch since we’ll need to give the restaurant a count ahead of time. We will be offering materials to take with you to make sure the excitement for the Makerspace movement continues in your programs! Our presenters will be Travis Lape and Marta Hoffman with the Harrisburg School District. We hope to see you all there!

Title Conference

    We encourage any and all who are interested to attend the Title Conference sponsored by the Department of Education. The South Dakota Title Conference “Engaging and Supporting All Learners” is focused on current issues in Education and is the primary conference for Title I Schools. The conference emphasizes the critical nature of doing what is right and what is needed to help every child succeed and achieve academic success. The conference will be held August 1-2, 2016 in Oacoma, SD. All South Dakota education professionals are invited to attend. Click here for more information.

Wellness Tip

    On the Track to Success at Riverton Elementary Teacher/Afterschool director starts morning walking club.
In her dual roles as a first grade teacher and co-director of the afterschool program at Riverton Elementary School in Huntsville, AL, Merry Gaylor is always improving her school and helping her students succeed. She created a morning walking club and was awarded a $1,000 Action for Healthy Kids grant, funded by CSX Transportation, to implement the program. Click here to learn more.


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