Spring 2016

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities:

SoDakSACA Director's Retreat
April 14-16-2016
KBarS Lodge
Keystone, SD

Boost Conference
April 26-29, 2016
Palm Springs, CA

2016 SoDakSACA Conference
Oct. 13-15, 2016
Deadwood, SD

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Mark's Money Tip:

Coming up later this spring our finance office will be conducting training webinars to show all the continuation 21st Century Community Learning Center sub grantees how to load your fiscal year 2017 budgets on the new Grants Management System (GMS). Dates have not yet been set, but email notifications will be sent out to everyone notifying them when the webinars will take place.

Mark Gageby is a management analyst for the South Dakota Department of Education and oversees funding for the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant program.

Resource Corner:

Afterschool in Rural America
Here is a great report regarding the importance of afterschool in rural America. As rural children and families grapple with issues such as poverty, lower wages and educational attainment levels, food deserts and obesity, the need for additional supports in rural communities is undeniable. Afterschool and summer learning programs hold enormous potential to fill the gaps in rural communities while also helping these communities prosper.

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Center Highlight:
Boys and Girls Club of the Missouri River Area, Wagner and Marty Units

    Contributors: Wagner: Pat Breen; Marty: Jodi Zephier

School Served: Wagner Community and Marty Indian

After-School Program: Both sites operate from 2:00 – 7:30 pm

Daily Attendance: Wagner: 107, Marty: 69

Summer Program: Wagner: 9:30 am—6:00 pm serves 124 students, Marty: 1:00 – 6:00 pm serves 46 students

Wagner Unit:
Boys & Girls Club of the Missouri River Area (Wagner Unit) was established in 1998. During 2015, the Unit had 818 registered members. Youth have several program options such as Power Hour, youth football, TRAIL, Passport to Manhood, Smartgirls, youth basketball, game room tournaments, ballet, robotics, girls softball, baseball, t-ball, Jr. staff, reading program, summer science program, mentoring and arts & crafts activities to name a few.

The Wagner Unit has been able to deliver quality programs with impact, due to the consistency and commitment of the staff. The kids return to the club largely due to a positive relationship with a staff member/mentor. Several veteran staff members make up their team, some have been with the organization for over 10 years! Three of the current staff members attended the club as youth. Two of these are currently full-time employees.

BGCMRA has also established collaborations/partnerships with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, South Dakota Department of Education, Wagner Community School, Marty Indian School, SDSU Extension, Yankton Sioux Tribe, Department of Labor, Ihanktonwan Community College, Mount Marty Nursing program and City of Wagner. These collaborations bring valuable resources to the program helping their members achieve priority outcomes that include Academic Success, Healthy Lifestyles & Character & Citizenship. The club also hosts family events throughout the year such as meals and special events. Parent/Guardian attendance is also very high at programming events held throughout the year. The football, basketball and ballet programs have filled the stands with the help of volunteer efforts of many parents/guardians.

Marty Unit:
The Marty Club was established in 2007 and has seen many challenges. However, the club has continued to flourish. In 2015 the Marty unit had 439 registered members. The club’s caring staff, the programming, and the fun kid-friendly atmosphere all contribute to the success of the Marty Boys and Girls Club. Marty may be a very small town with limited resources for kids, but the Marty Club is somewhere kids can count on for a fun, safe place to call their own.

Marty Club kids all look forward to snack time, playing basketball, participating in game room tournaments, getting involved in programs like Power Hour to learn and also earn points for Fridays when they offer the Club C-Store. The NAYSS group (Native American Youth Standing Strong) on Wednesdays is very popular with an average of 40 teens attending every meeting. Jodi and her staff feel the Club itself is the kid’s favorite place in Marty. Kids come no matter what the weather is like.

The Marty Club aims to teach its members to be caring, respectful, responsible, hard-working young people who will one day be our future leaders. The youth depend on the Marty Boys and Girls Club, as “a place to call their own”, Jodi expects the youth to help take care of their place, have respect for it, and most importantly, to have fun and learn when they come to club.

New This Year:
The Marty Unit is currently working with SDSU to build The Children’s Garden. Last year’s garden did not grow because of poor soil. This year they are going bigger and bolder and will have raised beds for the garden. There will be certain beds for club use to make healthy snacks, and they will also have raised garden beds for the kids/families to use. The club kids will tend their own garden, take care of it, as well as either take their veggies home for their families or sell them in the Farmer’s Market. They will pick a “Gardener of the Month” for an incentive. The garden will also have flowers and native plants for traditional cultural purposes, such as sage and tea. The Children’s garden will also have a bright colorful fence surrounding it and is located in an otherwise unused area with run-down buildings. The plan is to bring life and color to the area with the garden. They will mark the plantings and the garden name in the Dakota language as well as English. The Children’s Garden is a huge project that they are very excited about!


Washington Pavilion Receives National Award

    Action Arts and Science Program
Pictured with First Lady Michelle Obama are Chofian Abobakr age 17, and Rose Ann Hofland, Director of the Washington Pavilion Community Learning Center

In November, the Washington Pavilion’s Action Arts and Science Program (AASP) was one of twelve organizations to be recognized with one of the nation’s highest honors for creative youth development programs by First Lady Michelle Obama. The Washington Pavilion’s Action Arts and Science Program was recognized for its effectiveness in promoting learning and life skills in young people by engaging them in the creative youth development programs. The after-school program received the 2015 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award, the nation’s highest honor for these programs. The award recognizes the country’s best creative youth development programs for using engagement in the arts and the humanities to increase academic achievement, graduation rates, and college enrollment. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Click here for more information on this prestigious award or visit the Washington Pavilion's website -> Education -> Action Arts and Science Program.


Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week April 25-29

    Let’s take a minute to celebrate all the wonderful things you’re doing for your students and communities. Visit the National Afterschool Association's website to join in the effort and spread the word!


Earth Day Activities

    Earth Day is Friday, April 22nd, Let’s Celebrate! Here are some teacher recommendations for ways to celebrate Earth Day in the classroom.

Wellness Tip

    Mental Health First Aid Training
Mental Health First Aid is an eight-hour course that gives people the skills to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. Participants will be introduced to risk factors and warning signs for mental health or substance use problems. They will also engage in experiential activities that build understanding of the impact of illness on individuals and families and learn about evidence-supported treatment and self-help strategies.

Mental Health First Aid training will be held on Thursday, April 21st, 2016, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. at Volunteers of America, 1309 West 51st Street, Sioux Falls, SD.

Click here to learn more about the training and to register.

Mental Health First Aid training will also be held in Pierre on April 28, 2016, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Rawlins Library, 1001 E Church St, Pierre SD 57501. Contact person is Dodi Haug, contact email is dodih@humanserviceagency.org, contact phone is 605-884-3516.


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