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A Note from CANS

The weather is getting warmer and the school year is coming to a close! The on-site portion of program reviews is winding up and CANS staff members will be diligently working on closing them out. As a reminder for schools, the professional standards apply to new hires for directors and managers, and for training for all. Staff will need to track their training hours and that will need to be kept on file. There have been some announcements made for workshops, conferences, and training sessions, but keep your eyes peeled for more of those on the CANS website.

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Check in With CANS Monthly Conference Calls

– held over from previous month

Check in with CANS is a monthly conference call scheduled for the second Thursday each month. This call is open to all agencies on the School Nutrition Programs. Each call will start with a report from CANS with hot topics, new guidance or program clarifications, and reminders of upcoming dates. There will also be time scheduled during each call for participants to ask questions.

Check in with CANS is scheduled on the second Thursday of each month starting at 2:30 pm CT / 1:30 pm MT. The last call for this school year will be held on May 11.

To join the conference call, dial 1-866-410-8397 and enter code: 6507733610. If you have trouble joining the conference call, or have additional questions call the CANS office at 605-773-3413. Feel free to send in questions ahead of the call to please reference “Conference call question” in the subject line.

Shortly before the call an agenda will be posted to the CANS website main page,, under Documents, Conference Calls. Shortly after the call is complete, the call minutes will replace the agenda with additional information. Please join us!

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Summer Food Service Program – iCAN SFSP Opens and Attestations Needed

The Summer Food Service Program iCAN SFSP Application Packet opened for users to start their applications on March 30, 2017.

Monitor’s Guide for Summer Food Service Program 2017 has been released and was sent out with the notice the iCAN SFSP was available to start applications. I haven’t seen it available on the Handbook link, but it should be soon. If you need the pdf contact Julie McCord.

The South Dakota state law requiring attestation statements requires the Authorized Representative to sign and date the document and mail it to the Department of Education. We can’t accept an electronic signature for this form. Information is available on the South Dakota DOE Summer Food Service website

High level timeline for Sponsors/State Agency – SAVE THE DATES for 2017 SFSP:

Summer program training registration

April 25, 2017 – SFSP Operational Training (Sioux Falls) for Menu planning, production records, i.e. generally site supervisors and foodservice workers.

Late April and early May 2017 – Preapproval visits from State Agency (CANS).

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Seamless Summer Option

Held over from previous month

Kids still need good food, even when school is out. Now it’s easy to accommodate them! You can apply to operate the Seamless Summer Option through the National School Lunch (NSLP) or School Breakfast Programs (SBP). Continue the same meal service rules and claiming procedures used during the regular school year. The Seamless Summer Option offers a streamlined approach to feeding hungry children in your community.

Contact Beth Henrichsen at or 605-773-3610 for more information.

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School Nutrition Program Training: 2017 Spring/Summer/Fall tentative dates and topics

June 19-23 & October 16-20: Orientation to School Nutrition (30.5 hrs.) in Pierre
This 4 and a half day seminar is targeted to new and aspiring school nutrition program directors with five years or less experience. This course will provide an overview of school nutrition programs, define the role and responsibilities of a director, and review the relationship between local policies and state/federal regulations.

June 27: Foundations for Training Excellence (1 day) in Pierre
This course is great for anyone who wishes to become a more effective trainer. This course is intended to assist participants in assessing the current level of skill they already may possess and to encourage further professional development. It will also give participants tools and resources they can take back to their workplaces to use immediately.

July 13-14: Financial Management: A Course for School Nutrition Directors (12 hrs.) in Pierre
We recommend that Business Managers and Food Service leads attend this course together. The training includes pricing guides, recording financial data consistently, determining compliance with regulatory requirements (PLE, non-program foods), and assessing your school nutrition program for better financial outcomes.

June 1: Administrative Review workshop (1 day) in Pierre
SFAs that are schedule to receive an Administrative Review in SY 17-18 will be invited to attend an 8-hour workshop to prepare for the review. Participants will leave the workshop with most of the Off-Site Assessment form completed and a firm understanding of the review process and modules.

Registration is free. Preference will be given to SFAs. Attendance to any of these courses counts towards Professional Standards training requirements.

Registration details are posted on the CANS NSLP website under the Professional Standards section.

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Paid Lunch Equity Tool for SY17-18 Available

Held over from previous month

The Paid Lunch Equity Tool for SY17-18 is available, and posted on the CANS-NSLP webpage. Please feel free to visit the Paid Lunch Equity section of the webpage to calculate lunch meal prices. There will be an exemption available this year, which is posted on the CANS NSLP page as well.

SY17-18 PLE Tool
PLE Memo SP11-2017s

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Procurement Topic: Advertising a Solicitation

A critical part of the solicitation process is the way in which the solicitation is made available to the public. When advertising a solicitation, an SFA needs to consider the following:

Content of the Solicitation Announcement
The content of the solicitation should be sufficient enough in scope to allow bidders/offers to identify:

As the Internet becomes a more popular form of communication, it may be beneficial for SFAs to notify potential bidders/offerors that solicitations will be posted on their web site.

Due Date for Responses to the Solicitation
When determining the due date, the SFA must take into account the complexity of the solicitation requirements; the time needed for pre-bid/award meetings, site visits, etc. Providing ample time between the advertisement and date of submission may make the difference in receiving many effective responses versus few ineffective responses. SFAs should be cognizant of holidays and not build in short timeframes that restrict competition. SFAs can potentially open themselves up to a bid protest if respondents believe the timeframes were set too quickly to eliminate competition.

How to Advertise the Solicitation
It is important to keep in mind that solicitations must be announced in ways that do not restrict free and open competition. Types of public announcement methods may include:

When available, one or more of these sources must be used for formal procurements. SFAs may want to consider using more than one announcement method to reach the widest possible methods.

With formal procurement methods, it is prohibited to restrict notification by using only direct mailings as this serves to limit free and open competition. With informal procurements, public notification (using the sources listed above) or direct solicitation may be used.

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Food Safety Resources – Center of Excellence for Food Safety Research in Child Nutrition Programs

The Center of Excellence for Food Safety Research in Child Nutrition Programs, located at Kansas State University, conducts food safety research that meets the needs of USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service’s nutrition programs. Resources including posters, Serving Up Science immersion courses, and additional web links are available. Check it out!
Center of Excellence for Food Safety Research in Child Nutrition Programs.

Food Safe Schools
The Center of Excellence for Food Safety Research in Child Nutrition Programs has just released a new resource – This webpage has a focus of creating a culture of food safety in the school community by providing easy to follow resources for improving food safety. The webpage includes a Quick Start section, which includes an introduction to food safety, creating a food safety culture, and a Food Safety Action Guide.

Food Safety – USDA Food and Nutrition Service
Visit the Food Safety section of the USDA Food and Nutrition Service webpage. The Food Safety page is a great resource to start learning more about food safety. Some available resources include food safety instructional clips, norovirus resources, food safety policies for child nutrition programs, food recalls, along with other web links for more specific food safety topics and resources.

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SNA SD University

Held over from previous month

SNA SD will be hosting two trainings in two different locations! The trainings will be in Rapid City or Brookings with the topics of Practical Skills for Preparing Quality Meals and Norovirus/Mock Health Inspections. You do not have to be an SNA member to attend these trainings.

SNASD University Registration Form

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Local Wellness Policy Q&A

USDA recently released memo SP 24-2017 – Local School Wellness Policy: Guidance and Q&As.
Local Wellness Policy SP 24-2017 Q&A

Key areas identified in the Local Wellness Policy (LWP) memo include, but are not limited to:

CANS Wellness Policy resources have been updated – take a look at the Wellness Policy section of the CANS-NSLP page, and feel free to check out the USDA Wellness Policy webpage ( and the wellness policy resource center ( for additional information.

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iCAN Food Distribution Helpful Ordering Information

Surveys – Help to determine what each agency would like the state to have available for that agency.

Types of Surveys:

Allocations – Allocations are agency requests for specific items created from a survey. Agency requests are combined to bring in a full truck to the Nordica Warehouse. This can be done by South Dakota agencies requests or by combining our requests with another state agencies requests. South Dakota usually works with our regional states (CO, IA, MO, MT, ND, NE, UT, and WY) to make this happen.

Orders – Placed monthly, usually the first or second week. Include “Available Current Allocation” and “Available Non-Allocated Inventory”.

Processed Items – South Dakota purchases bulk USDA Foods to be sent to a processor and changed into a usable product for local agencies.

Changing a USDA Food bulk item into a usable product has costs associated with them.

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Building for the Future with the CACFP

Upcoming CACFP Training Events:

The following workshop dates and locations have been set for the spring 2017 CACFP workshops.

The CACFP Basic workshops are designed for new staff that need to be trained in the basics of the CACFP. The basics class is limited to 25 participants per class. Preference will be given to new staff and new agencies if more than 25 individuals register for any one class.

The dates and locations of the CACFP Basic training are as follows:
May 3 Sioux Falls Sioux Falls School District
May 10 Rapid City Youth & Family Services
May 31 Pierre MacKay Building (formerly SD State Library)

The CACFP Plus! workshops are designed for veteran staff that have a solid understanding of Program requirements. The Plus! class is limited by the size of the training rooms in each location. Please notice that we are offering two sessions of the CACFP Plus! workshops in both Rapid City and Sioux Falls. Each session will cover the same information.

The dates and locations of the CACFP Plus! training are as follows:
May 11 Rapid City Youth & Family Services
May 12 Rapid City Youth & Family Services
May 16 Aberdeen YMCA of Aberdeen (new location)
May 17 Watertown Lake Area Technical Institute
June 1 Pierre MacKay Building (formerly SD State Library)
June 5 Sioux Falls Augustana University
June 6 Sioux Falls Augustana University
June 20 Mitchell Mitchell Technical Institute

Pre-registration is required for all workshops. There is no charge to attend. For more information please contact Melissa Halling at (605) 280-2696 or by email at

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iMATCH – Windows 7 and Scheduled System Outage

Effective July 1, 2017, the computer operating system Windows 7 will no longer be supported by PrimeroEdge (iMATCH). Using Windows 7 or below may result in some features in iMATCH to not work correctly; consequently, Cybersoft may have a difficulty in providing technical assistance to Windows 7 users. Additionally, mainstream support will end for Windows 8 on 1/19/2018. As a reminder, always keep internet browsers updated for maximum performance.

Please provide this communication to your tech coordinator, and consider upgrading operating systems for SY17-18, if needed.

Additionally, the iMATCH system will receive a server upgrade between May 30 and June 9. Please keep these dates in mind in the event of experiencing a system outage. Dashboard communication will be provided at a later date.

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USDA/FNS Announces HealthierUS School Challenge: Smarter Lunchroom (HUSSC: SL) award winners

The HealthierUS School Challenge: Smarter Lunchroom (HUSSC: SL) announces 60 award winners from Florida, Missouri, and South Dakota!

The U.S. Department of Agriculture commends these schools for the exemplary steps, leadership and team work employed to make changes to their schools’ nutrition environment; improve the quality of the foods served; provide students with more nutritious, healthy choices; and, enhance their physical activity program. To acknowledge their achievement, the schools will receive an award plaque, a banner to display, and a small monetary incentive award ($500 per school for the Bronze award, $1000 per school for the Silver award, $1500 per school for the Gold award, and $2000 per school for the Gold Award of Distinction) for meeting HUSSC: SL 2014 criteria. Also, the names of these schools will be proudly added to the HUSSC: SL awardees list on the Team Nutrition HUSSC: SL website.

Since the beginning of the HealthierUS School Challenge in 2004, awards have been given to schools in 50 States and the District of Columbia. As of March 31, 2017, there are 3,644 schools certified (2,552 Bronze, 765 Silver, 262 Gold, and 65 Gold Award of Distinction).

The following South Dakota schools have received HealthierUS School Challenge: Smarter Lunchroom Awards valid January 2017 – January 2021:

Brookings School District
Hillcrest Elementary School (Bronze)

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Food Safety Hacks

USDA has developed brief 1 to 2 minute videos on common food safety issues. Visit the Food Safety Hack page on YouTube to view all of the videos. Click Here for the Food Safety Youtube page

Below is a sample topic area for one of the videos:

Ready to Eat Product
Products labeled ‘ready to eat’ should not be washed again, as the product has already been washed in ideal conditions. By washing the product again, the potential for contamination is increased.

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New USDA Resource: Gardens in Tribal Communities

USDA has published a new fact sheet titled Gardens in Tribal Communities. The fact sheet talks about the different types of gardens that different Tribal Communities are growing with an emphasis on school gardens. It gives some specific examples of schools that have had success with their gardens.

Gardens in Tribal Communities Fact Sheet

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Action for Healthy Kids webinar series for School Year 2016-2017

One of our partner organizations in the Child Nutrition Programs, Action for Healthy Kids, recently released their fall and winter webinars schedule for the upcoming school year. These webinars will cover a wide range of topics to improve the health and wellness of your school: improving your local Wellness Policy, ideas for Smart Snacks in schools, breakfast in the classroom, messaging to parents, and more!

You can register for one or all of the following webinars by going to this website: and selecting the webinars you wish to attend. Please note, these webinars are not hosted by CANS.

Celebrating Your Volunteers: Wrapping Up the Year with a Big "Thank You"
Tuesday, May 9, 1 - 2 pm (CT)
Join us for tips and ideas on how to recognize and thank all your awesome volunteers for their hard work this year and empower them to become even more engaged in the future.

Wellness Wednesday: Offering Healthy Snacks at School
Wednesday, May 10, 3 - 3:30 pm (CT)
Snacks can make or break a healthy diet for both adults and kids. The right snacks can supply our bodies with nutrients we wouldn’t normally eat during meals and give students the energy need to learn and focus during class. Join this webinar to learn from schools across the country on ways to successfully serve healthy snacks to students during the school day.

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