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A Note from Carrie and Mikayla

February math lesson: 1 Groundhog + 1 Shadow = 6 more weeks of winter. Let’s hope Mother Nature is in a good mood! We hope you all got to spread the love to your special ones on Valentine’s Day. For those of you with birthdays this month, amethyst is your birthstone and your flower is the primrose. You share your birth month with some very inspiring people: Babe Ruth, Ronald Reagan, Susan B. Anthony, George Washington, Charles Dickens and Galileo.

It has been a long winter, and we all have cabin fever. Here are some thoughts to get us through to spring:

“The beautiful spring comes, and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.” -Harriet Ann Jacobs

“Spring is when you feel like whistling, even with a shoe full of slush.” -Doug Larson

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Check in With CANS Monthly Conference Calls Are Back!

– held over from previous month

We will be hosting our first Check in with CANS conference call in January. Check in with CANS is a monthly conference call scheduled for the second Thursday each month. January’s call is scheduled for Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 2:30 pm CT / 1:30 pm MT. This call is open to all agencies on the School Nutrition Programs. Each call will start with a report from CANS with hot topics, new guidance or program clarifications, and reminders of upcoming dates. There will also be time scheduled during each call for participants to ask questions.

Check in with CANS is scheduled on the second Thursday of each month starting at 2:30 pm CT / 1:30 pm MT. Calls are scheduled for:

To join the conference call, dial 1-866-410-8397 and enter code: 6507733610. If you have trouble joining the conference call, or have additional questions call the CANS office at 605-773-3413. Feel free to send in questions ahead of the call to please reference “Conference call question” in the subject line.

Shortly before the call an agenda will be posted to the CANS website main page,, under Documents, Conference Calls. Shortly after the call is complete, the call minutes will replace the agenda with additional information. Please join us!

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South Dakota Summer Feeding Award Opportunities Register for Trainings

The U.S. Department of Agriculture USDA Food and Nutrition Service FNS have a new award program called Turnip the Beet The South Dakota sponsors will be recognized for the efforts made in the high quality meals served during the summer months. There are three award levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold.

It is time to register for the summer food program trainings and to explore the program and help your community by being a sponsor and providing sites in your area.

High level timeline for Sponsors/State Agency – SAVE THE DATES for 2017 SFSP:

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Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) -- Application Request

- held over from previous month

If an elementary school from your district is interested in participating in the FFVP, please click the below link, and fill out school name and contact information. The contact person will be notified of when applications become available. Selection for the program is based on free/reduced eligibility percentage from the October Survey (October 2016 data) and FFVP application responses.

2017-18 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program - Application Request

The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program provides allocated funds to elementary schools for purchase of a fresh fruits and vegetable snack. Preference of site selection is given to high free/reduced eligibility from the most recent October Survey. The service of the FFVP must be provided during the school day, and not served in conjunction with other federal programs (cannot be served at the same time as breakfast, or lunch). Also, the service of fresh fruits and vegetables cannot be served with accompaniments (fruits and vegetables cannot be served with juice, milk, bread, etc.). FFVP dollars cannot be used to cover the cost of fruits and vegetable served at lunch or breakfast service. Additionally, the FFVP must be scheduled to be provided at least twice per week.

NOTE: All current participants will be automatically invited, once applications are available.

Please feel free to contact Rob Ingalls ( with any questions.

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Procurement: Getting the Goods

The single most important thing to know in any and all of your procurements is that the process must be fair, open, competitive and transparent. If, in everything you do when buying goods and services, you keep these four factors in mind, you should off to a good start when your practices are reviewed by the state agency. This means that even if you use the most informal procurement methods, you still must have some kind of auditable/documentation system that ensures all possible vendors have an opportunity to sell goods and services to your operation.

The second major principle in procurement is that your decision must result in purchases that are in the best interest of the district. The most obvious area where this applies is that buying the cheapest product offered isn’t always the best choice for the district. In keeping with the four essential procurement factors, your decision must be defensible. How and why you make an award must be clear to anyone and everyone.

Your CANS website has developed a Procurement Table of example templates for educational purposes and to use as a resource in the procurement process. Please check with your local agency before using one of these example templates to ensure you follow your local procurement plan and procedures.

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National School Breakfast Week is March 6-10, 2017

As part of the National School Breakfast Week (NSBW), SNA is promoting the School Breakfast Challenge. SNA has many great, free, downloadable tools to help your school with their National School Breakfast Week activities, including a toolkit with tips and ideas. In their Emporium they have merchandise including t-shirts, posters, and balloons. You can access these on their website. Your staff works hard this week, and every week, and SNA has Certificates of Recognition you can print off for them. There is also access to Logo’s and Artwork.

SNA is encouraging you to tell them what you are planning for NSBW. You can fill out their form at By completing the form you will have the chance to win stickers for your school. Your event may also be chosen to be featured in the School Nutrition magazine. The deadline for this is Friday, February 25, 2017.

There is also a photo contest. Categories include Best Breakfast Tray, Best Breakfast Food Display, Best Breakfast in the Classroom and Best Breakfast Cart. Just snap a photo, tag it and upload it. Complete rules for the NSBW Photo Contest can be seen online at

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iMATCH and Windows 7

Starting next program year, Windows 7 will not be supported by PrimeroEdge (iMATCH). Using Windows 7 or below may result in some features in iMATCH to not work correctly; consequently, Cybersoft may have a difficulty in providing technical assistance to Windows 7 users. As a reminder, always keep internet browsers updated for maximum performance.

Please provide this communication to your tech coordinator, and consider upgrading operating systems for SY17-18, if needed.

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Match Notification Email Activated

iMATCH Users:
We recently activated an Match Notification Email.
All active users within the agency will receive a notification email when the agency has at least one new match.

When a notification email is received, please go to Student Eligibility --> Administration --> DC Matching --> Matched tab

Select a date range identifying the from the notification email, and apply.
For best practice, include 1 day before, and 1 day after

Update your point of service manual roster or electronic system outside of the iMATCH system - iMATCH does not have a direct link to your point of service software.

Feel free to contact Rob with any questions,

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iMATCH Training PowerPoint Available

The iMATCH Training PowerPoint has been revised to reflect changes from the recent system update. Please feel free to take a look at the iMATCH 2017 Training PowerPoint from the Training & Webinars section on CANS-NSLP webpage, and contact the CANS office with any questions.

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USDA/FNS Announces HealthierUS School Challenge: Smarter Lunchroom (HUSSC: SL) award winners

The HealthierUS School Challenge: Smarter Lunchroom (HUSSC: SL) announces 19 award winners from Kansas, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, and South Dakota!

The U.S. Department of Agriculture commends these schools for the exemplary steps, leadership and team work employed to make changes to their schools’ nutrition environment; improve the quality of the foods served; provide students with more nutritious, healthy choices; and, enhance their physical activity program. To acknowledge their achievement, the schools will receive an award plaque, a banner to display, and a small monetary incentive award ($500 per school for the Bronze award, $1000 per school for the Silver award, $1500 per school for the Gold award, and $2000 per school for the Gold Award of Distinction) for meeting HUSSC: SL 2014 criteria. Also, the names of these schools will be proudly added to the HUSSC: SL awardees list on the Team Nutrition HUSSC: SL website.

Since the beginning of the HealthierUS School Challenge in 2004, awards have been given to schools in 50 States and the District of Columbia. As of January 30, 2017, there are 4,178 schools certified (2,866 Bronze, 849 Silver, 311 Gold, and 152 Gold Award of Distinction).

The following South Dakota schools have received HealthierUS School Challenge: Smarter Lunchroom Awards valid January 2017 – January 2021:

Brandon Valley School District
Fred Assam Elementary School (Bronze)
Valley Springs Elementary School (Bronze)


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Procurement: Solicitation Development

All procurement transactions must be conducted in a manner providing full and open competition. Contractors or bidders that develop or draft specifications, requirements, statements of work, and invitation for bids or requests for proposals must be excluded from competing for such procurements.

Some of the situations considered to be restrictive of competition include but are not limited to:

1. Placing unreasonable requirements on contractors in order for them to qualify to do business.

2. Requiring unnecessary experience and/or excessive bonding.

3. Noncompetitive pricing practices between contractors or between affiliated companies.

4. Organizational conflicts of interest.

5. Specifying only a “brand name” product instead of allowing “an equal” product to be offered and describing the performance or other relevant requirements of the procurement.

6. Any arbitrary action in the procurement process.

7. The use of state or local geographical preferences in the evaluation of bids or proposals, except for Farm to School.

Any SFA that uses another SFA’s solicitation documents should always inquire as to the origin of any information so that they do not unintentionally violate procurement provisions. The inquiry should be pursued until the original author of the documents is identified.

REMEMBER: SFAs must describe cost reporting requirements fully in its solicitation documents. Without adequate details on how to report costs to the SFA, a potential contractor will lack the information needed to determine allowable and unallowable costs, including how the contractor will provide the SFA the benefits of discounts, rebates, and credits.

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Sodium Reduction Tips, Tricks and Tidbits

As we all know, the new sodium targets are right around the corner! Here are some tips, tricks, and interesting tidbits about reducing sodium.

Remember: sodium target 2 goes into effect July 1, 2017.

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Action for Healthy Kids webinar series for School Year 2016-2017

One of our partner organizations in the Child Nutrition Programs, Action for Healthy Kids, recently released their fall and winter webinars schedule for the upcoming school year. These webinars will cover a wide range of topics to improve the health and wellness of your school: improving your local Wellness Policy, ideas for Smart Snacks in schools, breakfast in the classroom, messaging to parents, and more!

You can register for one or all of the following webinars by going to this website: and selecting the webinars you wish to attend. Please note, these webinars are not hosted by CANS.

Wellness Wednesday: Engaging Volunteers through Game On Activities
Wednesday, March 8, 3 - 3:30 pm (CT)
Game On activities can be a great way to get volunteers involved in your school’s wellness plan. Join us for this month’s Wellness Wednesday webinar for tips on how to recruit and engage parents and community members in one-time and ongoing activities and learn about our resources to help build your volunteer network.

School Breakfast: Making Breakfast Part of the School Day
Tuesday, March 14, 3 - 4 pm (CT)
Learn how teachers, principals, district administrators and states have found ways to make breakfast an integral part of the school day.

Making Your Life Easier with Technology: Creating Events and Managing Volunteers in the AFHK School Portal
Tuesday, March 21, 1 - 2 pm (CT)
As Every Kid Healthy Week approaches, join us to learn more about the resources AFHK provides to help schools manage volunteer recruitment, registration and engagement for events. AFHK experts will answer your questions and provide tips and ideas on how to ensure the resources work for your school.

Wellness Wednesday: Promoting Screen-free Activities at School
Wednesday, April 12, 3 - 3:30 pm (CT)
Our kids consume an average of seven hours of screen media per day. Reducing screen time can help children be more physically active, have a healthier diet and perform better in school. Join us for April’s Wellness Wednesday Webinar to learn how to organize Screen-Free Week and promote screen-free activities all year round for students and families in your school community.

Celebrating Your Volunteers: Wrapping Up the Year with a Big "Thank You"
Tuesday, May 9, 1 - 2 pm (CT)
Join us for tips and ideas on how to recognize and thank all your awesome volunteers for their hard work this year and empower them to become even more engaged in the future.

Wellness Wednesday: Offering Healthy Snacks at School
Wednesday, May 10, 3 - 3:30 pm (CT)
Snacks can make or break a healthy diet for both adults and kids. The right snacks can supply our bodies with nutrients we wouldn’t normally eat during meals and give students the energy need to learn and focus during class. Join this webinar to learn from schools across the country on ways to successfully serve healthy snacks to students during the school day.

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Let's Move Blog

The ‘Let’s Move Blog’ is a great place to keep up to date with the Let’s Move campaign, which focuses on overall wellness for a healthier tomorrow.

Recent articles include:
Visit the ‘Let’s Move Blog’ here to view recent stories, and more:

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