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EPSCoR is the Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research, which was established by the National Science Foundation.

Proposals for South Dakota EPSCoR funds aim to increase the number of STEM graduates skilled in informatics and biosciences at all levels by partnering industry with K16 education and research activities to meet the growing workforce needs in South Dakota.

These opportunities can be accomplished through: development of rigorous new programs; expanding or increasing rigor and relevance in current programs; enhancing career guidance; implementing capstone experiences; providing virtual courses, and more.

Funds are awarded on a competitive basis to projects which allow students to explore STEM-related disciplines or which are parts of an approved Career & Technical Education (CTE) program in the following career clusters:

1) Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
2) Information Technology (Analytics and Programming)
3) Health Science (Research and Development)
4) Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (Research and Development)

Application can be downloaded by selecting “Application Package” below.

Funds 2015:
Eligibility: Applications may be submitted by school districts and educational service providers in South Dakota. Applications must demonstrate partnerships with economic development corporations or industry partners.
Scope: Approximately $170,000 will be granted to schools. Grant awards will cap at $30,000 each. Projects may begin following award notification in March 2015. Funds must be expended by prior to June 30, 2015.
Application Package
Timeline: All proposals must be submitted electronically to by 5 p.m. CST, March 5, 2015.
SD EPSCor General Assurances
Grant Award Notification: Award notification will be sent via email on March 13, 2015. Both successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified. Award decisions made by the review committee are final
Proposal Rating Rubric: SDEPSCoR Grants will be awarded through a competitive process. All proposals will be read and judged by a review committee. The review committee will determine award winners based on the grant priorities and criteria using a scoring rubric.

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Questions can be directed to Jane Gubrud, (605) 295-1892, at the Department of Education, or visit: