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SD Department of Education May 2016  

Graduation Handbook Questions as you prepare to hand out diplomas?

As districts work with transcripts to make sure students are on track for graduation, a reminder that the Department of Education recently issued an updated version of the High School Graduation Requirements Handbook. It is organized in a Q & A format and includes an infographic that provides an “at a glance” summary of requirements. The handbook is available on the Department of Education website.

One of the most commonly asked questions is about whether a high school course can be used to meet more than one graduation requirement. This “double dipping” is not allowed. Courses may not be counted more than once to fulfill high school graduation requirements. For example, Economics cannot meet both the Social Studies elective credit requirement and the Personal Finance or Economics credit requirement. It can only meet one of the requirements.

Questions about the Board of Regents South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship and Regents’ Scholar Diploma are also common. For information on these items, please visit www.sdbor.edu or call (605) 773-3455.

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