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Oct. 2020  
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State Librarian Daria Bossman honored

Congratulations to State Librarian Daria Bossman! The South Dakota Humanities Council recently honored Bossman with the 2020 Distinguished Achievement Award. She also received the Distinguished Alumni Award from Emporia State University.

South Dakota Humanities Council Distinguished Service Award
South Dakota Humanities Council Distinguished Service Award winners are selected based on their outstanding commitment to scholarly and cultural advocacy for the humanities in South Dakota. This advocacy is seen in presenting humanities-related events and programs, writing books and publications important to the humanities and providing funding or partnerships to sustain a vibrant cultural landscape. Bossman was selected for the Librarian category.

Bossman previously held the position of assistant state librarian for development. Prior to this, she was the Library Director at Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa, for 15 years. Bossman has been an educator and librarian for 40 years in the states of Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota. She is a community leader and volunteer and has helped local South Dakota libraries (many rural) connect with numerous SDHC events, including annual One Book South Dakota discussions and One Book Author tour events. Under her direction, the State Library has been a conduit for the distribution of dozens of SDHC book titles to rural schools and public libraries that otherwise could not afford to purchase new books. Bossman is married to Bill Bossman, and they have three adult sons and four granddaughters.

Distinguished Alumni Award from Emporia State University
Bossman graduated from one of the first-ever distance education cohorts offered by Emporia State University's School of Library and Information Management in Sioux City, Iowa. As South Dakota State Librarian, she successfully advocated in 2016 for ESU to re-establish that distance learning for students from the five-state area, including South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska.

In 2016, joined by others in the original South Dakota cohort, Bossman convinced SLIM Dean Wooseob Jeong that South Dakota's lack of a master's librarian program would create a pressing need for librarians as veteran librarians begin to retire. Within four months, arrangements had been approved and enrollment opened for the 2017 fall semester.

As State Librarian, Bossman emphasizes paraprofessional training, placing state documents online for easy public access, and promoting libraries as a more accurate and concise information source than internet searches, among other priorities.


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