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SD Department of Education Aug. 2016  

  Need a pre- and post-assessment for your SLO? Check these out!

SLO and Assessment work groups sponsored by the South Dakota Department of Education met during spring and summer 2016 to develop standards-based assessments that can be used to pre- and post-assess students as part of the SLO process. These assessments and accompanying SLO Process Guides are available in a variety of content areas and grade levels. They can be found on the DOE website.

To further support teachers in developing differentiated SLO goals, some of these assessments identify items that would be considered pre-requisite skills (red font color), grade level skills (black font color), and subsequent skills (blue font color). Teachers are encouraged to use the assessments as is or adapt them to best fit the needs of their students. The accompanying SLO Process Guides include standards and assessment information. Teachers would need to complete the Process Guide based on their own student information and data collection.

Pre-assessment data can help teachers understand the following, so they can write goals to challenge students who are at different skill levels:

  • Pre-requisite skills students mastered in a previous grade or course
  • Students’ current grade-level skills
  • Subsequent skills students may be able to attain at the end of the grade or course
NOTE: As always, SLOs and their corresponding assessments are to be approved by the evaluator.

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