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SD Department of Education Oct. 2016  

  Gathering feedback on ESSA implementation

The South Dakota Department of Education is gathering feedback on implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act in our state by posing a number of questions on which broad input is needed. Here are some of the major questions that have been asked thus far, along with links to online survey tools for collecting input.

  • ESSA calls for states to develop a performance indicator around “school quality or student success.” What might this look like?
    • At the high school level, South Dakota already uses college and career readiness as an indicator in its School Performance Index. Revision of this indicator, to encompass more options, is being considered for the newly required student success indicator. Provide feedback on this proposal.
    • At the elementary and middle school levels, South Dakota already uses attendance as an indicator in its School Performance Index. Is attendance an appropriate indicator? What indicators should South Dakota be considering for school quality or student success at the elementary and middle school levels? Provide feedback. Check out this YouTube video for a bit of background.

  • South Dakota currently uses a norm-referenced system to measure school performance. The School Performance Index measures the performance of a school relative to other schools in the group. Moving forward, should South Dakota use a norm-referenced or criterion-referenced accountability system? Why? Provide input on this question.

  • Similar to No Child Left Behind, the Every Student Succeeds Act requires that 95 percent of students in a school, and within each of the federally required subgroups, participate in the state assessment. If a school fails to meet this bar, those students who did not test must be considered non-proficient. According to ESSA, the state also must include test participation in its accountability system in another way. What would be an appropriate way for South Dakota to incorporate test participation in its system? Provide input on this question.

  • ESSA allows states flexibility in determining which school to hold accountable in the event that a student in the four-year cohort drops out, and additionally, was enrolled less than 50% of their last enrolled school year at the last school they attended. Two options exist. Provide input on these options.

Anyone interested in ESSA implementation efforts is invited to sign up for the ESSA listserv for updates and alerts on future questions. To sign up, visit the listserv webpage and follow the link to “Subscribe or Unsubscribe.”

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