- School Height Weight Data Collection - Submit School Data!
- Tobacco Resources Available to Schools
- Department Of Health Is Offering Free T-dap Vaccines
- How Healthy Is Your Concession Stand?

School Height Weight Data Collection - Submit School Data!

Many schools have already submitted their 2010-2011 height and weight data, but there is still time for schools to participate! The South Dakota Department of Health and the Department of Education ask schools to submit student height and weight data for kindergarten, elementary and high school students. The voluntary program to track state, regional and local level childhood obesity in South Dakota has been underway since 1998. Schools have found the data useful for documenting need in grant proposals and tracking progress over time. Below are resources that are useful for submitting data:

Tobacco Resources Available To Schools

The Tobacco program coordinates state efforts to prevent people from starting to use tobacco products, help current tobacco users quit, and reduce nonsmokers' exposure to second-hand smoke. Check below for resources for schools.

Tobacco-Free School Policy Checklist
Local Tobacco Prevention Coordinators - contact to request assistance or learn about tobacco prevention activities in your area
Tobacco Prevention Toolkit for K-12 Schools
BeFreeSD.com: Live, Work and Play —Tobacco-Free - Tobacco-free options for you and your family
South Dakota Smoke-Free Law FAQ
South Dakota QuitLine - 1-866-SD-QUITS (1-866-737-8487)- toll-free telephone line to provide tobacco users counseling support as they try to quit

The Department Of Health Is Offering Free T-dap Vaccines

Currently the Department of Health is offering free T-dap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) vaccine for all children 11-14 years of age. The National Immunization survey says one out of five adolescents have received the T-dap vaccine, leaving many susceptible to disease. Click here for more information.

How Healthy Is Your Concession Stand?

CLICK HERE and be one of the first to invest in healthier options for concessions at youth sporting events.

This model policy was created to help local communities improve the concession stand or C-stand nutrition environment to promote healthy eating among youth and families.

The new Healthy SD Concessions Model Policy is your guide to serving healthier items - outlining foods and beverages that are green-light good and those red-light items that should be avoided. You'll find tips and strategies to help you overcome common barriers, put a plan in place, and help promote your healthier selections!

March 2011