Tobacco Prevention Donation

The White River school district is very fortunate to have a strong coalition developed between its school health council and the Michael Glynn Memorial Coalition (MGM Coalition).

The MGM Coalition was established after a tragic accident of high school student Michael Glynn, the day following his graduation. Michael’s mother, Joyce Glynn, is a remarkable lady who has dedicated herself to safety and wellness of others, especially youth. Joyce serves on the White River School Health Council (WRSHC) while keeping alive the memory of her precious son through the MGM Coalition.

The White River School District is one of six school districts that Coordinated School Health in the Departments of Education and Health has assisted in developing and enhancing a school health council in their district through the Building Healthy Schools (BHS) Project . School nurse, Kendra Earll, is the chairman of the WRSHC.

The MGM Coalition recently donated a variety of tobacco prevention teaching aids to the White River School District. The intent of the teaching aids is to deter students from smoking cigarettes and using tobacco products. The teaching aids include:

• “Tar in a Jar”, which depicts how much tar enters the lungs of a person in one year if they smoke a half-pack of cigarettes per day

• “Clem’s Phlegm,” which shows the large amount of phlegm a person with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) will cough up in a two-week time span

• “Mr. Dip Lip.”, a pliable and realistic impression of the mouth and teeth of a person who consistently chews tobacco

The teaching aids are available for purchase from Nasco - Hands on Health. School districts may utilize their Tobacco Prevention Funds to purchase the teaching aids. The teaching aids are also available for check-out from any of the four regional Tobacco Prevention Coordinators in South Dakota.

Contact Dee Dee Dugstad, Tobacco Prevention Coordinator for the South Dakota Department of Health at 773-4932 or DeEtta.Dugstad@state.sd.us for additional information.
May 2013
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