Two exciting events for South Dakota K-12 educators

Civcs & History Summit. June 3-4, 2024. Sioux Falls.

Celebrate your passion for civics and history at a unique event tailored for South Dakota educators. Immerse yourself in captivating keynotes, interactive exhibits, a vendor showcase, and breakout sessions crafted to align with educators' curriculum needs. Each session is dedicated to providing valuable content, resources, activities, and lesson plans that educators can integrate into their classrooms. Join your fellow South Dakota educators on a quest for information and ideas to elevate your students' learning experience, weaving the study of history, civics, and geography into the fabric of daily classroom life. Seize this opportunity to gather valuable resources and collaborate with educators statewide who share your enthusiasm and dedication.

2023 Civics and History Summit recap


South Dakota Road Trip. July 15-18, 2024. West River - East River.

This July, educators from grades K-12 will embark on a journey to explore the rich and diverse history of South Dakota. The Western, Central, and Eastern routes will lead them to key locations and attractions that play a significant role in the state's history. At each stop, educators will delve deep into the lives of those who shaped South Dakota's past and continue to impact its present. Regional experts will be present to offer valuable content, resources, activities, and location-specific lesson plans for educators to seamlessly integrate into their classroom curriculum. On the fourth day of the Road Trip, educators will focus on collaborative efforts with fellow Road Trip participants, refining ideas and lesson plans to infuse the study of civics, history, and geography into their daily teaching practices.

2023 memories from the road