2016 K-12 Education Package

One of the centerpieces of the 2016 K-12 Education Package was the goal of achieving a statewide average teacher salary of $48,500. Preliminary data for fiscal year 2017 indicates that teacher salaries are on track to meeting this goal. In fall 2016, the Department of Education conducted a survey based on preliminary data to gauge the first-year impact of the education package. Final school district salary data will not be available until fall 2017.

FY2017 Preliminary Teacher Salary Data
FY2017 PRELIMINARY Average Teacher Salaries by District

FY 2017 Teacher Compensation Accountability Targets

As part of the fiscal year 2016 annual financial report, each district has now submitted its baseline teacher compensation data. All districts have reported the FTE, contracted salary and benefits for each eligible teacher. From this information, an average teacher salary, average teacher compensation and total compensation baseline amount has been calculated and the 2017 accountability targets determined. For the accountability requirements, see SDCL 13-13-73.6.

For guidance on which teachers are to be considered in determining accountability and how this data collection may differ from data reported on the Personnel Record Form, visit our School Finance webpage.

FY2017 Accountability Targets
District Accountability Targets


The 2016 legislative session was a historic one. Gov. Dennis Daugaard proposed, and the Legislature approved, a K-12 education package aimed at increasing the statewide average teacher salary, and recruiting and retaining high quality teachers in the state. The package encompassed HB 1182, SB 131 and SB 133.

HB 1182
The education funding package hinged on HB 1182, a bill that increases the state sales tax by one-half cent. That increase is expected to raise $67 million for K-12 education, $36 million for property tax relief, and $3 million for improving instructor salaries at the four technical institutes.

SB 131
This bill contains the mechanics of the new funding formula. See Funding Formula memo for detailed information.

SB 133
This bill focuses on voluntary shared services among school districts, classroom innovation grants, an expansion of course offerings through Northern State University’s E-Learning Center, and a mentoring program for first- and second-year teachers.

The Governor’s education package also includes funds to reinstate the bonus for teachers who chose to earn National Board Certification.

Accountability Calculator Funding Formula Memo
Funding Formula FAQs: Updated 4/18/16 Select Other Revenues
Governor’s Column 3/14/2016


For questions about the 2016 Education Package, please contact the Secretary’s Office at (605) 773-5669.