Image of Gov. Dennis Daugaard signing HB 1182.
In 2016, HB 1182 raised the state sales tax, directing approximately $67 million towards K-12 education, with a goal of raising the average teacher salary to $48,500.

High quality teachers:
The key to student achievement

“There’s no policy, rule, statute or educational
practice that outweighs the importance of having
a great teacher in the classroom.”
–Secretary of Education Dr. Melody Schopp

Image of two teachers. Mentoring Program Logo. Engage, Encourage, Empower.

Mentoring: Engage, Encourage, Empower

“Mentoring has helped me become a better coworker to newer teachers at my school,” says Bridgewater-Emery teacher Patti Lager (left), pictured with her mentee, Menno teacher Shelby Tomoson.

image of students in classroom. Making objects out of geometric shapes.

Innovation: Preparing students for a rapidly changing world

The traditional classroom is undergoing significant change, with educators asking one big question.

Stock photo of teachers in classroom.

Shared Services: Helping small districts collaborate

Shared Services Grants help ensure access to high quality learning opportunities, no matter a student’s location.

Stock photo of students in computer lab.

Dual credit: Students enjoy continued success

South Dakota’s low-cost dual credit program remains popular, with students taking advantage of this opportunity to get ahead.

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