High quality teachers:

The key to student achievement

CCSSO State Spotlight: South Dakota Elevating the Teaching Profession The 2016 education package proposed by Gov. Dennis Daugaard was based on the recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Task Force, which was co-chaired by state Sen. Deb Soholt and state Rep. Jacqueline Sly.

“It’s not often you have the opportunity to be part of something that affects an entire state and generations of children,” says Soholt. “Aside from parents, expert teachers are one of the most powerful levers for launching our kids and helping them succeed in the world. It was my distinct honor to co-chair this work with Rep. Jacque Sly so that ongoing funding was secured to support our schools.”

Teachers around the state watched the legislative session closely, and passage of the legislation boosted morale in many South Dakota schools. For school year 2016-17, the average salary of public school teachers was $45,625, which represents an 8.8 percent increase statewide. Some who otherwise would not have considered teaching in the state are giving South Dakota a second look.

SY 2016-17 average salary of public school teachers. $45,625. 8.8% increase statewide.      “Last year’s education package boosted the morale of the teachers in my district and our state. We realize in South Dakota, education is one of the largest budget items; it takes money to educate our children. Children are our most important resource and teachers make a big impact on their achievement. Some of our best graduates and veteran teachers are reconsidering their decision to leave our state.”
--Beth Kaltsulas, 2017 South Dakota Teacher of the Year

National Board Certification stipends reinstated

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National Board Certification is the most respected professional certification available in education and provides numerous benefits to teachers, students and schools. Students of NBC teachers have been shown to outperform their peers. The certification was designed to develop, retain and recognize accomplished teachers and to generate ongoing improvement in schools nationwide.

The 2016 education package reinstated stipends for South Dakota public school teachers and counselors who achieve National Board Certification. South Dakota NBC educators receive $2,000 per year for five years, with $1,000 paid by the Department of Education and $1,000 paid by the educator’s school district. These stipends had not been funded at the state level since 2009.

It is optional for districts to reimburse nationally-certified school counselors.

$150K allocated for NAtional Board Certification Stipends. South Dakota NBC educators receive $2,000/year for 5 years. 107 National Board Certified Teachers in South Dakota. 4 National Board Certified Counselors in South Dakota.