Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training

Senate Bill 129, passed by the 2016 Legislature, requires anyone applying for an initial or renewal certificate as a teacher, administrator or other education professional to participate in a minimum of one clock hour of suicide awareness and prevention training. This requirement begins July 1, 2017.

Guidelines for Training

The South Dakota State Board of Education has approved the following guidelines regarding this training:
  • Must be evidence-based;
  • Include information on youth suicide risk indicators; and
  • Include appropriate educator responses and referral sources

Approved Providers

The online training options provided by the following organizations have been approved by the South Dakota Board of Education as meeting the guidelines for training described above. In addition, the following network and its affiliates/its related coalitions have been approved to provide suicide training in an in-person format.
Other Providers
Other training providers can be utilized for group training if a school district verifies the training meets the approved guidelines and time requirement. All costs associated with training are the responsibility of the school district, school or applicant.

Required Documentation

When submitting documentation of the required suicide and prevention training for initial or renewal certification, you may use the Certificate of Completion provided by the approved agency.

If you are a participant in group training, this document should be submitted as evidence of training. It must be signed by the trainer and the district.


Contact the Department of Education at (605) 773-3134.