Day 1

Session Name Supporting Document
Breakout Session 1 PowerPoint for Working with Difficult Parents
From Kindergarten to Graduation
Breakout Session 2 Delta Dental Presentation
Breakout Session 3 PowerPoint for Using SD Stars
WIDA Screener
The Learning Zone Presentation
Using Equitable Practices to Educate the Well-Rounded Child
Breakout Session 4 PowerPoint for the Focus on Formative Assessment Process
Grants Management System
Being Smart in Math Class

Day 2

Session Name Supporting Document
Breakout Session 5 Helping Parents Support, Monitor, and Advocate
The Question Formulation Technique
Goal action step worksheet
Brain Research and Learning Mathematics
Strategies to Increase Attendance
Designated Supports are not just for Special Education Students
Breakout Session 6 eNurse
PowerPoint for Mentoring For Growth
Mentoring for Growth
Breakout Session 7 PowerPoint for Rounding the Last Bend in Special Education – Guardianship or an Alternative
Utilizing the Rigor
Improving Native American Student Outcomes
- Addressing the Academic Language Gap
- Carousel of Learning - Academic Talk Structures
- Compare ND and SD - No instructions
- Compare ND and SD - With Instructions
- Grocery Receipt for Inferences
- Opinion Continuum
- Round 1 - Directions for Pro-Con
- Round 1 - Pro-Con Processor Directions
- Round 2 - Directions for Pro-Con
- Round 2 - Pro-Con Processor Directions
Breakout Session 8 Creating a Collaboration and Relationship – Building Bridges