Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs)

The SPI score provides a broad first lens through which to view school performance. The model also applies a second lens; this second lens is specific to Indicator #1: Student Achievement.

South Dakota’s overarching goal for Student Achievement is to reduce by half the percentage of students (all subgroups) who are not proficient within six years. Proficiency is measured by performance on the annual statewide assessment.

Targets, based on this six-year goal, are set for each subgroup at each school, in equal increments, to give that school a unique trajectory that recognizes where the school’s subgroups started in terms of student proficiency and to support continuous improvement. Targets are set separately for English language arts and math. The 2014-15 school year serves as the base year for setting the six-year goal and annual targets.

Annual Reporting

Each year, the Department of Education calculates a School Performance Index score for each public school in the state, with some exceptions for very small schools and special case schools. The scores are ranked and reported. The SPI score is used to determine schools for recognition purposes as well as for interventions and support. Progress towards AMO goals and targets at the subgroup level are reported annually, and individual subgroup data is reported as well.

For each school, district, and the state’s AMOs, as well as accountability results, please see the Report Card.

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