High School Credit Before Grade 9

South Dakota provides opportunities for students below grade 9 to earn high school credit by completing a course taught by an instructor certified to teach at the high school level, teaching to the high school standards, and meeting the requirements set by their local districts. All school districts wishing to participate in any high school credit before grade 9 program must apply for, and receive, a waiver from administrative rule. For additional information on waiver applications, contact Carol Uecker, Division of Accountability Systems, at (605) 773-4771.

The State provides a Credit Before Grade Nine exam in a few subjects for any districts who may want to use it as part of their requirements to earn the high school credit.

Course Equivalency

The Course Equivalency exam is required when students in grades 9-12 want to "test-out" of a high school level course. Students may take a content area exam one time and must pass the exam with a minimum proficiency of 85% in order to receive credit for the course.

Districts may create their own course equivalency exams for any course that is not available as a state-created exam.

As is the case with High School Credit Before Grade 9, school districts wishing to participate in course equivalency must apply for and receive a waiver from administrative rule in order to give the exams.

Both the High School Credit Before Grade 9 and Course Equivalency tests are delivered through iTester Client within the SDAP (South Dakota Assessment Portal).

Tests Offered by the South Dakota Department of Education
Algebra I Geometry
Algebra II Spanish I

Procedure Manual
Policy for High School Credit Granted Before Grade Nine
Policy- Course Equivalency Exam
Frequently Asked Questions
Guidelines for Calculator Use
Geometry/Science/Physics Formulas and Periodic Table
Help Guide for Credit Before Gr 9/Course Equivalency Assessment

Algebra I Algebra II Geometry
Spanish Level I


Chris Booth, SD Department of Education, (605) 773-6156