Jan. 7, 2016 - Board Documents

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Agenda Item 1

Subject: Call to Order; Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call

Agenda Item 2

Subject: Adoption of Jan. 7, 2016 Agenda

Agenda Item 3

Subject: - Installation of Officers & Membership Update

Agenda Item 4

Subject: - Approval of November 16, 2015, Minutes

Agenda Item 5

Subject: Board of Regents Report - Dr. Paul Turman, BOR

2016 (January) Dual-Concurrent Credit Update
2016 (January) Legislative Reports
2016 (January) Program Productivity Review

Background: Updates will be provided on analysis of impact of dual/concurrent credit programs, graduate placement and performance indicators for higher education, degree programs targeted for productivity review, and other topics and questions of interest to the Board.

Agenda Item 6

Subject: Standards Revision Timeline - Becky Nelson, DOE

Jan.7, 2016 Standards Revision Cycle REVISED

Background: Proposed changes to the standards revision timeline in regard to math standards and adding the Oceti Sakowin Essential Understanding and Standards.

Agenda Item 7

Subject: Southeast Technical Institute (STI) Program Expansion – Diesel Technology - Tiffany Sanderson, DOE. and Jim Jacobsen, STI

STI Diesel Technology Program Expansion Proposal

Background: Southeast Technical Institute seeks to expand its current Diesel Technology program by adding an Agriculture/Construction option.

Agenda Item 8

Subject: Technical Institute Continuing Program Review Update - Keley Smith-Keller, DOE

TI Continuing Program Review

Background: The Division of Career & Technical Education annually conducts a risk analysis of all technical institute programs in the areas of enrollment, retention, and placement pursuant to ARSD 24:10:42:24.

Agenda Item 9

Subject: CTE: Architecture & Construction Standards, Education & Training Standards, Foundational Career & Technical Education Standards, Information Technology Standards, Law, Public Safety, Security & Corrections Standards, Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) – Erin Larsen, DOE

Notice of Public Hearing-Content Standards
Proposed Architecture & Construction Standards
Architecture & Construction Workgroup Overview
Architecture & Construction Comparison
Proposed Architecture & Construction Standards Public Comments
Proposed Education & Training Standards
Education & Training Workgroup Overview
Education & Training Comparison
Proposed Foundations of CTE Standards-12-15-2015
CTE revision update-12-15-2015
Foundational Career & Technical Education Workgroup Overview
Foundations of CTE Comparison
Proposed Foundational Career & Technical Education Standards Public Comments
Proposed Information Technology Standards
Information Technology Workgroup Overview
Information Technology Comparison
Proposed Information Technology Standards Public Comment
Proposed Law, Public Safety, Security & Corrections Standards
Law Workgroup Overview
Law - Public Safety Comparison
Proposed Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Standards
Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) Workgroup Overview
Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) Comparison
Proposed Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Standards Public Comments

Background: Career & Technical Education standards in six career clusters were revised during Summer 2015 and will be presented for the second of four public hearings. Revised standards include Architecture & Construction, Education & Training, Foundational Career & Technical Education, Information Technology, Law, Public Safety, Security & Corrections, and Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM).

Agenda Item 10

Subject: First reading – Rules - (Emergency Safety Intervention) - Linda Turner, DOE

01072016 First reading draft (emergency safety intervention)

Background: First reading of proposed rules with public hearing requested for March 2016.

Agenda Item 11

Subject: Secretary’s Report – Dr. Melody Schopp

Agenda Item 12

Subject: Executive Session

Background: SDCL 1-25-2(3)

Agenda Item 13

Subject: Adjournment

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