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Agenda Item 1.0

Subject: Call to Order; Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call

Agenda Item 2.0

Subject: Adoption of Agenda (Amended)

Agenda Item 3.0

Subject: - Approval of November 17, 2014, DRAFT Minutes

Agenda Item 4.0

Subject: Membership Update

Background: Recognition of former members and welcome of new members

Agenda Item 5.0 - Steve Fiechtner, DOE

Subject: Northern State University Educator Preparation Unit and Programs

NSU Review Summary, Spring 2014

Background: Within a 7 year period, each institution of higher education in South Dakota that offers an educator preparatory program must have a review completed of their educational unit and programs to determine if they meet required standards. During the Spring of 2014, the educational unit and program review of Northern State University, in partnership with National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, was completed. It was determined that Northern State University has met the unit and program requirements, and DOE is recommending approval.

Agenda Item 6.0 - Steve Fiechtner, DOE

Subject: Sisseton Wahpeton College Birth – Age 8 Early Childhood Educator Preparation Program

SWC Application for Early Childhood Program

Background: Sisseton Wahpeton College is requesting approval to begin offering a Birth – Age 8 Early Childhood program. Currently their teacher candidates need to travel significant distances to receive their educational programing. By offering a bachelor’s degree in this field, this could help to fill a source of need for teachers, especially in the local Head Start Program. DOE is recommending approval.

Agenda Item 7.0 - Jan Martin, DOE

Subject: Smarter Balanced Achievement Levels

Smarter Balanced Cut Scores

Background: The board was provided an overview of the process used to determine the achievement levels for Smarter Balanced ELA and math assessments at the November, 2014 meeting. DOE is requesting that the Board approve the cut scores.

Agenda Item 8.0 - Laura Scheibe, DOE

Subject: Proposed Accountability Rule Changes and Special Meeting

Background: Information on proposed accountability rules changes and telephonic first reading in February.

Agenda Item 9.0 - Keley Smith-Keller, DOE

Subject: Build Dakota Scholarship Report

Build Dakota Scholarship Overview

Background: Overview of new scholarship program, Build Dakota, which was created through a generous $25 million donation from T. Denny Sanford and a $25 million contribution from the South Dakota Future Fund to provide scholarships for students at the technical institutes.

Agenda Item 10 - Keley Smith-Keller, DOE

Subject: Technical Institute Continuing Program Review

TI Continuing Program Review Process

Background: Report on evaluation of the technical institutes based on enrollment, retention and placement results for each program over the last three academic years pursuant to ARSD 24:10:42:24.

Agenda Item 11 - Erin Larsen, DOE

Subject: Reduced-Rate Dual Credit Program Report – Fall 2014e

Fall 2014 Reduced Rate Dual Credit Report

Background: Report on participation and trends regarding the reduced rate dual credit program established during the 2014 legislative session.

Agenda Item 12 - Tiffany Sanderson, DOE & Greg Von Wald, MTI

Subject: Mitchel Technical Institute (MTI) Expansion – Industrial Maintenance Technician

IMT AAS Proposal

Background: Mitchell Technical Institute seeks to expand its current Industrial Maintenance Technical Diploma program to an AAS Degree program.

Agenda Item 13 - Tamara Darnall, DOE

Subject: Vocational Education System Fund Statements Report

Vocational Education System Fund Statement Summary

Background: The Director of the Division of Finance and Management serves as the designee for receiving monthly statements for each SDHEFA Vocational Education Program account and provides a standing report to the Board of Education at each regularly scheduled meeting.

Agenda Item 14 - Tiffany Sanderson, DOE and Jeff Holcomb, STI

Subject: Southeast Technical Institute (STI) Equipment Approval

STI Equipment Proposal HB1142
SF BOE Minutes 12-8-2014

Background: During the 2014 SD Legislative Session, HB1142 was passed. The bill established an equipment fund for the postsecondary technical institutes and $1.5 million was transferred to the fund from the release of the postsecondary technical institutes’ facilities fund. Equipment purchases must be based upon priorities established by each postsecondary technical institute, approved by each postsecondary technical institute’s governing body and the Board. Approval is being requested for STI’s proposal.

Agenda Item 15 - Tiffany Sanderson, DOE and Mark Wilson, WDT

Subject: Western Dakota Tech (WDT) – Bonding Project Approval

VocEd 2015 WDTI – St Bd Resolution
19th Supplement to Lease
VocEd 2015A Bond Purchase Agreement
16th Supplemental Indenture
SD VocEd Series 2015A Official Statement
17th Supplemental Indenture
SD VocEd 2015B –POS
18th Supplemental to Lease
VocEd 2015B - 9th Supp to Rapid City Sublease
DOC 011415

Background: The 2013 legislature passed House Bill 1098, authorizing and approving the issuance of additional bonds, notes, or other obligations in a principal amount not to exceed eighteen million five hundred thousand dollars for a lease purchase agreement with WDT to finance the acquisition, construction, and other costs associated with various programs. In September 2014, the Board approved WDT’s project concept. Approval is being requested for the bonding documents.

Agenda Item 16 - Becky Nelson and Sam Shaw, DOE

Subject: Public Hearing – STANDARDS - Science, K-12 Educational Technology, Fine Arts, and Social Studies

01-15-2015 Notice of Public Hearing-Standards
SD Proposed K-12 Educational Technology Standards
SD K-12 Educational Technology Comparison
SD K-12 Educational Technology Standards Public Comments
SD Proposed Fine Arts Standards
SD Fine Arts Comparison
SD Fine Arts Public Comment
SD Proposed Science Standards
SD Science Comparison
SD Science Fact Sheet
SD Science Standards Public Comment
SD Proposed Social Studies Standards
SD Social Studies Comparison
SD Social Studies Standards Public Comment

Background: Additional public hearings for the science, K-12 educational technology, fine arts, and social studies standards.

Agenda Item 17 - Dr. Melody Schopp, DOE

Subject: Secretary’s Report

Background: Secretary of Education gives report

Agenda Item 18

Subject: Adjournment

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