Sept. 21, 2015 - Board Documents

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Agenda Item 1

Subject: Call to Order; Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call

Agenda Item 2

Subject: Adoption of Sept. 21, 2015 Proposed Agenda

Agenda Item 3

Subject: - Approval of August 24, 2015 Draft Minutes

Agenda Item 4

Subject: - Board of Regents Report- Dr. Paul Turman, BOR

Background: Update on the status of a number of state sponsored scholarship programs, overview of student performance from the Summer 2015 term and enrollment numbers for the Fall 2015 semester, and other topics of interest to the Board.

Agenda Item 5

Subject: Public Hearing - Rules- Abby Javurek-Humig, DOE

09/21/2015 Notice of Public Hearing-Rules
09/21/2015 Public hearing draft
09/21/2015 Public Comment

Agenda Item 6

Subject: First Reading – Rules- Tiffany Sanderson, Erin Larsen - DOE

First Read Transfer Credits
First Read Secondary CTE Certification
Proposed certification options

Background: First reading of proposed rules with public hearing requested for November.

Agenda Item 7

Subject: Public Comment (with prior notice) - Dyslexia, Marsha Weiland, public

Agenda Item 8

Subject: National Center & State Collaborative (NCSC) update- Abby Javurek-Humig, DOE

Background: Presentation and requested approval of the NCSC proposed cut scores for the alternate assessment for English Language Arts and Mathematics to be implemented in the spring of 2016.

Agenda Item 9

Subject: Smarter Balanced Update Abby Javurek-Humig, DOE

Background: Presentation regarding results for the Smarter Balanced assessment and an update on science scores for grades 5, 8, and 11.

Agenda Item 10

Subject: Report Card Update- Abby Javurek-Humig, Laura Scheibe, DOE

Background: Overview of state level data for the 2015 school report cards.

Agenda Item 11

Subject: Name changes regarding Southeast Technical Institute’s (STI) Health Technology and Business & Communications Divisions- Tiffany Sanderson, DOE, and Jim Jacobsen, STI

STI Program Information

Background: Update on recent changes to STI’s Allied Health and Financial Services & Insurance programs.

Agenda Item 12

Subject: Technical Institute 2014 Placement Report- Keley Smith-Keller, DOE

LMIC longitudinal data SD Technical Institutes
2014 TI Placement Report BOE

Background: Summary of the outcomes from the 2014 career/placement survey of technical institute graduates and information on longitudinal salary from the Department of Labor & Regulation’s Graduate Outcome System.

Agenda Item 13

Subject: Technical Institute 10-Day Enrollment Report- Keley Smith-Keller, DOE

10 Day Enrollment FY16 BOE

Background: Information on student enrollments in each technical institute program and across the system.

Agenda Item 14

Subject: Social Studies & Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings- Sam Shaw, DOE

5.H.1.3 Disaggregated Template
SS and OSEU 5th Grade Connections
SS and OSEU Webpage Snapshot

Background: The Department of Education received a $15,000 grant from the SD Humanities Council to develop a document that aligns the social studies disaggregated standards with the Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings. The workgroup met over the summer to complete the alignment, and these documents will act as a fundamental component of any future social studies standards trainings.

Agenda Item 15

Subject: Secretary’s Report- Dr. Melody Schopp, DOE

Background: Secretary of Education gives report.

Agenda Item 16

Subject: Adjournment

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