Nov. 17, 2014 - Board Documents

2014 Meeting Schedule
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Agenda Item 1.0

Subject: Call to Order; Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call

Agenda Item 2.0

Subject: Adoption of Agenda

Agenda Item 3.0

Subject: - Approval of September 15, 2014, Minutes

Agenda Item 4.0

Subject: Executive Session – SDCL 1-25-2(3)

Agenda Item 5.0 - Abby Javurek-Humig, DOE

Subject: Public Hearing – RULES – Proposed principal evaluation rules

Notice of Public Hearing – Rules
LRC Form & Style Draft
Potential Amendment

Agenda Item 6.0 - Becky Nelson and Sam Shaw, DOE

Subject: Public Hearing – STANDARDS - Science, K-12 Educational Technology, Fine Arts, and Social Studies

Notice of Public Hearing – Standards

SD Proposed Science Standards
SD Science Comparison
SD Science Fact Sheet
SD Science Standards Public Comment

SD Proposed K-12 Educational Technology Standards
SD K-12 Educational Technology Compairson
SD K-12 Educational Technology Standards Public Comments

SD Proposed Fine Arts Standards
SD Fine Arts Comparison
SD Fine Arts Public Comment

SD Proposed Social Studies Standards
SD Social Studies Comparison
SD Social Studies Standards Public Comments

Background: Second public hearings for the science, K-12 educational technology, and fine arts standards. First public hearing for the social studies standards.

Agenda Item 7.0 - Abby Javurek-Humig and Jan Martin, DOE

Subject: Assessment and Achievement Level Setting Update

Background: Update on the process for setting the achievement levels for state assessment.

Agenda Item 8.0 - Dr. Paul Turman, BOR

Subject: Board of Regents Report

Agenda Item 9.0 - Steve Fiechtner, DOE

Subject: Oglala Lakota College Educator Preparation

Background: Educator preparation programs in South Dakota are granted approval by the State Board of Education for a period of 7 years, if the required standards for approval are met. The review of the educator preparation program at Oglala Lakota College (OLC) was completed in October 2012. At that time, the assessment system at OLC did not meet the required standard and the educator preparation program at OLC was granted a 2 year approval. During October of 2014, an onsite review was completed. The interviews and documentation confirm that the educator preparation program at OLC now meets all of the required standards.

Agenda Item 10 - Tamara Darnall, DOE

Subject: Vocational Education System Fund Statements Report

Vocational Education System Fund Statement Summary

Background: The Director of the Division of Finance and Management serves as the designee for receiving monthly statements for each SDHEFA Vocational Education Program account and provides a standing report to the Board of Education at each regularly scheduled meeting.

Agenda Item 11 - Tiffany Sanderson, DOE

Subject: Technical Institute 10-Day Enrollment Update

2014-15 10-Day Enrollment Technical Institutes (updated Oct. 17, 2014)

Background: Update on the 10-day enrollment regarding student enrollment in each technical institute program and across the system.

Agenda Item 12 - Tiffany Sanderson, DOE

Subject: 2014 Technical Institute Retention Report

Background: Report on the technical institute retention report between 2013 and 2014.

Agenda Item 13 - Tiffany Sanderson, DOE

Subject: Lake Area Technical Institute Program Application for Swine Management Option in Agriculture

Swine Management Option

Background: Lake Area Technical Institute seeks approval to expand their Agriculture AAS program to include a Swine Management option.

Agenda Item 14 - Tiffany Sanderson, DOE

Subject: Lake Area Technical Institute Equipment Amendment

LATI HB1142 reallocation request to BOE 20 October 2014
LATI HB1142 II Equipment Recommendation – November 2014
LATI HB1142Equipment Needs HB1142 – July 2014
LATI HB1142 Watertown certificate of Board Action - Nov. 2014

Background: At the September meeting, the Board approved $220,000 of the HB1142 equipment funds for LATI to procure a replacement wind turbine nacelle and blades. LATI has since received a federal grant to purchase the nacelle and blades. Therefore, LATI requests approval to re-allocate those funds to the next highest priority equipment shortfalls.

Agenda Item 15 - Tiffany Sanderson, DOE

Subject: Technical Institute Bond Refund

VocEd 2014B – St Bd of Ed Resolution
VocEd 2014B – Bond Purchase Agreement
Debt Service
VocEd Watertown 11th Supplemental to Lease
16th Supplemental Indenture
VocEd 2014B Mitchell 12th Supplemental to Sublease
SD VocEd Series 2014B Final OS

Background: With current low interest rates, the existing Series 2008 technical institute bonds may be able to realize savings for the State of South Dakota through a refund. Approval of the resolution will not affect current cash flow or debt service coverage for technical institute bonds.

Agenda Item 16 - Tiffany Sanderson, DOE

Subject: Update on Technical Institute Bonding for Western Dakota Technical Institute and Southeast Technical Institute

Background: Discussion on progress since the last board meeting and plans for moving forward.

Agenda Item 17 - Tiffany Sanderson, DOE

Subject: Mitchell Technical Institute Equipment Approval

Mitchell Technical Institute HB1142 Funding, Nov. 2014
Mitchell Board Approval for HB1142 Equipment, Nov. 2014

Background: During the 2014 SD Legislative Session, HB1142 was passed. The bill established an equipment fund for the postsecondary technical institutes and $1.5 million was transferred to the fund from the release of the postsecondary technical institutes facilities fund. Equipment purchases must be based upon priorities established by each postsecondary technical institute, approved by each postsecondary technical institute’s governing body and the Board. Approval is being requested for MTI’s proposal.

Agenda Item 18 - Tiffany Sanderson, DOE

Subject: Technical Institute Placement Report Discussion

Background: Traditionally, the annual placement report reflecting technical institute graduates’ career and education outcomes has been presented to the Board in March. A graduate outcomes report to be developed in partnership with the Department of Labor & Regulation is now required pursuant to SDCL 13-1-63.There will be a discussion to determine how and when the Board would like to see placement results in the future.

Agenda Item 19 - Dr. Melody Schopp, DOE

Subject: Secretary’s Report

Background: Secretary of Education gives report

Agenda Item 20 - Becky Nelson, DOE

Subject: Standards Revision Cycle

Proposed Nov. 2014 Standards Revision Cycle
Supporting documentation

Background: The State Board of Education adopts the SD standards revision cycle, SDCL 13:3:48. The current standards revision cycle was adopted by the Board of Education at the November, 2013 meeting. The current revision cycle needs to be updated to reflect the Department of Education’s plans for reviewing the next round of standards.

Agenda Item 21

Subject: 2015 Meeting Schedule

Background: The Board year shall begin January 1 and end on December 31. At the last meeting of each year, the Board shall schedule the regular Board meetings for the coming year.

Agenda Item 22

Subject: Election of Officers

Background: At the meeting prior to December 31 of each year, the members of the Board shall elect from their members a President and Vice President to serve for a term of one year.

Agenda Item 23

Subject: Adjournment

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