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Agenda Item 1.0

Subject: Adoption of Jan. 27, 2012 Agenda

Agenda Item 2.0

Subject: - Approval of Nov. 21, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Agenda Item 3.0 - Tamara Darnall, DOE

Subject: Update of DOE Longitudinal Data System

Background: DOE has received permission for US Department of Education reallocated leftover Teacher Incentive Funds (TIF) for use in developing a pilot longitudinal data system for the 10 TIF districts. A vendor for the project has been selected and work is just beginning. In addition, DOE has applied for a grant from US Department of Education for funds to expand the system to all 151 school districts in SD..

Recommended Action: Information only

Agenda Item 4.0 - Mary Stadick Smith, DOE

Subject: South Dakota Proposed Accountability Model

Background: South Dakota began the process of developing a new statewide accountability model in September 2011. The Department of Education assembled a group of 23 individuals representing key stakeholder groups to provide recommendations regarding a next-generation accountability model for South Dakota. To date, the group has met four times. During that time period, the U.S. Department of Education also issued its ESEA Waiver Flexibility package. The waiver allows states to receive some flexibility from certain tenets of No Child Left Behind in exchange for agreeing to four key principles: 1) College and Career Ready Expectations for All Students, 2) State-Developed Differentiated Recognition, Accountability and Support, 3) Supporting Effective Instruction and Leadership, 4) Reducing Duplication and Unnecessary Burden.

Recommended Action:
Endorse the model as proposed (rules will be coming before the board at a later date)

Agenda Item 5.0 - Dan Siebersma, State Library

Subject: Update and tour of State Library

Agenda Item 6.0 - Mark Wilson, DOE

Subject: 6.0 Technical Institute’s New, Expanded, and Program Updates

Continuing Program Report
WDT Business Management & Marketing
WDT Entrepreneurship Option
WDT Social Media Marketing Option
STI Welding
MTI Welding & Manufacturing Technology
LATI Equine Management

Agenda Item 7.0 - Roger Campbell, DOE

Subject: Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG)

Background: The Department is pursuing development of a JAG model in South Dakota. The Office of Indian Education will be tasked with formulating an action plan that would initially include the development of a State Board of Directors.

Recommended Action: BOE support

Agenda Item 8.0 - Roger Campbell, DOE

Subject: Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings and Standards Project

Background: The 2007 Indian Education Act mandated the development of course content for curriculum and coursework in South Dakota American Indian history and culture. At the July 2011 BOE meeting, the Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings and Standards were approved. The Office of Indian Education would like to update the BOE of the recent developments and subsequent plans for further curriculum development.

Recommended Action: Information Only.

Agenda Item 9.0 - Sam Gingerich, BOR

Subject: Board of Regents Update

Agenda Item 10.0 - Melody Schopp, DOE

Subject: Secretary of Education Update