March 25, 2013 - Board Documents

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Agenda Item 1.0

Subject: Adoption of March 25, 2013 Agenda

Agenda Item 2.0

Subject: - Approval of Jan. 14, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Agenda Item 3.0 - Tami Darnall, DOE

Subject: First Reading for rules changes to adjust the teacher certification fee (ARSD 24:15:03:05)

Background: The ongoing expenditures from the Institute Fund, which is funded through teacher certification fees, currently exceed ongoing revenues by approximately $100,000 annually. At this rate, it is projected that the fund will not be able to support the functions related to teacher certification beginning in FY2016. Because of the provision in SDCL 13-42-7 which states that any changes to teacher certification requirements, including changes to certification fees, require two years’ notice before they go into effect, a change to the rules must be addressed now to go into effect for the FY2016 fiscal year.

Furthermore, as per SDCL 1-26-6.9, the fee can only increase fees by 20%.

Recommendation: Move ARSD 24:15:03:05 to public hearing in May.

Agenda Item 4.0 - Sarah Carter, DOE & Vicki Wiese, Vice President, MTI

Subject: MTI New Program Request

Background: Mitchell Technical Institute (MTI) request approval to begin a Human Services technician program. This program will be 18 months in length, resulting in an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. The Human Services Associate Degree program trains people to provide information, support, care and advocacy in a human services agency.

Recommendation: Approval for start fall 2013

Agenda Item 5.0 - Sarah Carter, DOE & Mark Wilson, President, WDT

Subject: Western Dakota Technical Institute New Program Request Precision Machining Technology

Background: Western Dakota Technical Institute (WDT) is seeking approval to create a Diploma program in Precision Machining Technology. This 9 month program will train people to set up a variety of machine tools to produce precision metal parts, instruments and tools. The Precision Machining Technology program will provide students with the necessary skills to be successful in the machining field.

Recommendation: Approval for start fall 2013

Agenda Item 6.0 - Sarah Carter, DOE & Mark Wilson, President, WDT

Subject: Western Dakota Technical Institute Program Expansion – Practical Nursing

Background: Western Dakota Technical Institute (WDT) is seeking approval to expand their existing Practical Nursing diploma program to an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. This 19 month program provides students with guidance and practice in laboratory settings for specific knowledge and skills necessary for the practice of nursing.

Recommendation: Approval for start fall 2013.

Agenda Item 7.0 - Sarah Carter, DOE

Subject: Technical Institutes' 2012 Placement Report
(download report)

Background: Sarah Carter, DOE, will report to the board of education on the South Dakota Technical Institutes programs. These programs continue to find success in the workforce.

Recommendation: Informational

Agenda Item 8.0 - Colleen O’Neil, DOE

Subject: Technical Institutes' Tuition / Fees and FY 2014 Budget
(download document)

Background: The Technical Institutes’ are proposing a mild fee increase to keep pace with the rising costs of providing a high-quality, high-technical education. The specifics of the fee increases will be reviewed and discussed.

Recommendation: Recommend approval of the fee increases and the FY 2014 TI Budget.

Agenda Item 9.0 - Becky Nelson, DOE

Subject: Common Core Update

Background: Since the adoption of Common Core State Standards by the Department of Education in the fall of 2009, DOE has worked on several action items to support districts in the implementation of the standards.

A few action items DOE would like to highlight are: Common Core connection to DOE Aspiration work, standards based report card descriptors, partnership with Board of Regents, professional development, district readiness tool, and building capacity for future assessments.

Recommendation: Informational

Agenda Item 10.0 - Melody Schopp, DOE

Subject: Secretary’s Report