Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program


USDA's Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program makes fresh fruit and vegetable snacks available at no cost to all children in participating schools. The number of children participating in the program varies each year. The program is geared toward elementary schools with the highest percentages of low income students. Total enrollment of all schools selected in the state must result in a per-student allocation of $50-$75.

Administered at the state level by Child & Adult Nutrition Services - the same agency that administers the National School Lunch Program – the program is seen as an important catalyst for changes in efforts to combat childhood obesity by helping children learn more healthful eating habits. The FFVP introduce school children to a variety of produce that they otherwise might not have had the opportunity to sample.

Due Dates and Instructions 2018-19 Participating Schools Budget Tracking Forms
Budget Tracking Form Instructions Claims for Reimbursement Instructions – iCAN FFVP Program Information
FFVP Handbook Equipment Justification and Purchase Form FFVP SOP
Prior Participant FFVP Info How to Complete Sponsor Application in iCAN Skype Attendee Instructions
FFVP Program Requirements and Information – 56 slides FFVP Claiming Instructions – 18 slides FFVP Budgeting
FFVP iCAN User Manual
Fruit/Veggie Fact Cards #1 Fruit/Veggie Fact Cards #2 Half cup of fruit
Half cup of vegetables Fruit Nutrition Database CDC Fruit and Veggies of the Month
FFVP Fact Sheet
FFVP Program Requirements
FFVP Program Promotion
FFVP Claim Instructions – iCAN


For information, contact Rob Ingalls, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Coordinator, at (605) 773-2977.