SD Team Nutrition

Team Nutrition is an integrated, behavior-based, comprehensive nationwide plan for promoting the nutritional health of the nation’s school children.

The SD Department of Education administers the Team Nutrition Program in South Dakota through Child and Adult Nutrition Services (CANS). CANS contracts with South Dakota State University Cooperative Extension Service to manage some of SD’s Team Nutrition projects as well as other individuals and agencies.


Agencies applying for the grants must participate in US Department of Agriculture child nutrition programs such as CACFP, school lunch, after school snack or child and adult food program. Schools must be signed up for Team Nutrition. Funding provided by USDA Team Nutrition Training Grant to SD Department of Education.

Power Chef Challenge Sub-Grant Award
Schools and agencies using any National School Lunch program (including breakfast, summer feeding, after school snacks) are eligible to apply for the Power Chef Challenge sub-grant award to promote nutrition education and culinary skills among middle school and junior high youth. Funds can be used to purchase food for food preparation lessons, printing of handouts, and small equipment for kitchen stations. Amounts of funds include up to $350 for 10-15 students, $700 for 16-24 students, and $1600 for 25+ students. Curriculum of eight sessions culminating in a cook-off challenge will be provided. Download the application and submit via email.
As an enhancement to the Power Chef Challenge sub-grant an optional add-on is the Power Chef in the Cafeteria sub-grant. This component provides funds to conduct a community event informing caregivers about school lunch and breakfast programs. The event will include demonstrations by chefs or food professionals on culinary skills followed by testing of one of more new food program recipes. This sub-grant allows up to $650 including support materials and help in locating chef or professional cooks. The Power Chef in the Cafeteria event will include promotion of the Power Chef Challenge program ideally as kick-off or culminating activity. Download the application and submit via email.

Smarter Lunchrooms 2016-2017
Check out this great opportunity for your school to improve their lunchroom environment and engage students in the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement!

Required grant related activities to commence in early January 2017. Applications for the $1,000 must be submitted and approved prior to January. Eligible Applicants: Any South Dakota school district or organization that participates in the National School Lunch program and has a full lunchroom that serves students in grades 7-12.

This one-page grant is simple to fill out and you are not required to specify how you will spend the grant money at this time. If you are selected to receive funding, you will receive one-on-one technical assistance to help you successfully implement the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement in your school.

Here are some video examples of how schools have used their grant funding to create Smarter Lunchrooms:
1. Purchased materials to promote a “Build-A-Tray” program -
2. Used signage in cafeteria -
a. Example: click this link to find Smarter Lunchroom signage products that are customizable and available for purchase:
3. Created pre-packaged, grab-and-go healthy meals and snacks -

If you would like to learn more about the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement, visit or contact Megan Jacobson at

Farmers Grow MyPlate
Program Implementation Guide

The “Farmers Grow MyPlate” curriculum is a resource designed for rural school children to educate them about the Choose MyPlate guidance as well as how that food is grown in our Midwest states. Lessons include nutrition information, food preparation experiences, instruction on how food is grown and processed, and art/craft activities for youth ages Kindergarten to 4th grade. An implementation guide provides ideas for staffing and management of the series of lessons as well as the food safety protocol. FGMP has been successfully implemented in outside of school time programs, elementary classrooms, and day camp settings. Download today to begin the “Farmers Grow MyPlate” adventure.
Program Implementation Guide MyPlate Grains Group
MyPlate Vegetable Group MyPlate Protein Group
MyPlate Fruit Group MyPlate Dairy Group

Harvest of the Month
Harvest of the Month Success Stories 2016
Under the 2014-16 Team Nutrition Training Grant through USDA fourteen schools and outside of school time programs implemented Harvest of the Month sub-grants to teach their youth about fruits and vegetables. Using http://www.sdharvestofthemonth resources, these schools and agencies have changed children’s’ knowledge and liking for fruits and vegetables. Results are shared in the HOM Findings Presentation 2016. Download to view and share.

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For information about Team Nutrition, Training Activities and Grants contact South Dakota Department of Education, Team Nutrition Coordinator, 605-773-4718 or Karlys Wells - Extension Assistant, 605-688-4039.