South Dakota K-12 Service Learning

Service Learning is a flexible method of teaching and learning that applies academic and real-world skills to create meaningful youth-led experiences with community partnerships. The goal of service learning is to empower youth to become engaged in their personal, social and working lives.

Framework and Toolkit

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Beginning in school year 2014-15, SD high schools must offer a Capstone Experience (Senior Experience, Youth Internship or Entrepreneurship Experience) OR Service Learning. Not all of the options have to be offered, though a school could choose to offer them all, or several, if they wish. For more information, visit: State graduation requirements can be found at:


  00 SD SL Toolkit Cover
  01 Service Learning Cycle
  01.1 Example Project by Quality Standard
  02 Program Planning Tool for Educators
  02.1 Program Planning Tool for Students
  03 Service Learning Readiness Adult Assessment
  04 Example Course Syllabus
  05 Pass Fail Rubric
  06 Letter Grading Rubric
  07 Key Player Roles
  08 Advisory Board Roles and Responsibilites
  09 Site Supervisor Guidelines
  10 Marketing Press Release
  11 School Board and Administration Snapshot
  12 Student and Parent Snapshot
  13 Teacher Snapshot
  15 Project Idea Sheet
  16 Student Planning Checklist
  17 Service Project Outline
  18 Parent Guardian Letter
  19 Site Coordinator Letter
  20 Service Learning Parent Student Checklist
  21 Student-Parent Contract
  22 Student Expectations
  23 Confidentiality Form
  24 Corrective Action Procedure
  25 Student Information Form
  26 Transportation Agreement
  27 Talent Release - Student Under 18
  28 Talent Release - Student Over 18
  29 Talent Release - Partner
  30 Service Site Contact Sheet for Student and Coordinator
  31 Project Press Release
  32 Weekly Check-In Log and Journal Prompts
  33 Record of Hours Logged
  34 Thoughts and Reflections
  36 Student Project Self-Assessment
  37 Service Learning Experience Pre-Assessment
  37B Service Learning Experience Post-Assessment
  38 Parent Guardian Questionnaire Pre-Survey
  38B Parent Guardian Questionnaire Post-Survey
  39 Site Supervisor's Report

SD Service Learning Framework
Service Learning Toolkit
Teacher Snapshot
Student and Parent Snapshot
School Board and Administration Snapshot
Comparing Capstone and Service Learning Options

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Contact Andrea Diehm in the Division of Career and Technical Education at (605) 773-4150 for more information.