Proposed High School Graduation Requirements (2018)

South Dakota’s graduation requirements have been in place since 2009. Those requirements are outlined in South Dakota Administrative Rule 24:43:11. Currently, a proposal to revise the state’s graduation requirements is being vetted across the state. The proposal was developed as a means to provide flexibility for students to meet their postsecondary and career aspirations within a framework of general graduation requirements. The flexibility is aimed at better supporting schools to provide opportunities to meet students’ diverse interests and goals. Along with that, the proposal allows more opportunities for students to explore post-secondary and work-based opportunities while they are still secondary students.

The proposal will go through the required public hearing process via the Board of Education Standards. This includes a first reading at the board’s May 8 meeting in Vermillion and a public hearing at the board’s July 16 meeting in Pierre. The public comment period related to proposed changes to graduation requirements is open now through July 12, 2018. Public comment can be made at under the Department of Education link.

Documents and Links
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Making Sense of South Dakota’s Proposed Graduation Requirements

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