Distance Delivery of a Teacher Education Program for Mid-Career Professionals

If you already have a college degree, but didn’t major in education, you could become a fully certified middle school or high school teacher in a matter of 12 months with your coursework offered via distance delivery. Maybe you’re stuck in a job that doesn’t feel like a career, or live where career options matching your background are limited. Perhaps you’ve had a satisfying career outside of education and are ready for a change of pace. For men and women fitting those categories, becoming a teacher can make a life-changing difference to the young people in your community.

The South Dakota teacher preparation programs at the public Universities have collaborated to prepare an online secondary certification program. Coursework is taken through online delivery with field experiences planned in your local community. Admission to teacher education, advising, registration, scholarship application, financial aid, and field supervision is completed with the campus of your choice.

The first cohort will begin in June 2009 with registration for the following courses:

- EPSY 302 Educational Psychology offered by Northern State University
- EPSY 330 Human Growth and Development offered by Dakota State University
- EDFN 365 Computer-Based Technology offered by Black Hills State University
- EDFN 475 Human Relations offered by South Dakota State University
- INED 411 SD Indian Studies offered by University of South Dakota

Contact any one of the following individuals now for application to the program:

Black Hills State University - Dr. David Calhoon
Dakota State University - Dr. Crystal Pauli
Northern State University - Dr. Tom Hawley
South Dakota State University - Dr. Lon Moeller
University of South Dakota - Dr. Linda Reetz