ARSD 24:43:02:08 Plan of Intent

All teachers must be certified in the areas they are teaching. A district wishing to employ a teacher not certified in the area to which he or she is assigned must complete a one-year plan of intent with the teacher. The plan of intent is reported to the state through the Personnel Record Form (PRF). A teacher may be on a plan of intent for up to two years. Districts wishing to employ a teacher who has exhausted the two years on a plan of intent and who remains uncertified in his or her area of assignment must request a waiver by completing the form below.

Please note, districts will not be able to complete assurances in the PRF and sign off if there are teachers in the district who have exceeded two years on a plan of intent and who lack a waiver from the department.


Administrator alternative certification. 24:28:15:01. An applicant for administrator alternative certification may perform administrative duties at a public or Department-accredited school or district while pursuing alternative certification as a superintendent or principal, but may not act as both a superintendent and principal while completing the administrator alternative certification. An applicant may complete superintendent administrator alternative certification or principal administrator alternative certification.

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Waiver – Plan of Intent (Teachers)

Third-Year Plan of Intent Waivers and Approved Non-Certified Administrator Request

District/School Name Expires June 30
Big Stone City 25-1 2019
Bowdle School 22-1 2018
Brandon Valley 49-2 2020
Chamberlain 07-1 2020
DeSmet School District 38-2 2018
Deubrook 05-6 2019
Faith School District 46-2 2018
Great Plains Lutheran 14309 2021
Mobridge – Pollock 62-6 2019
Rapid City 51-4 2018
Sioux Falls School District 49-5 2021
Sioux Falls Catholic School 49303 2019
Stanley County 57-1 2019
Timber Lake 20-3 2018
Todd County 66-1 2018
Woonsocket 55-4 2018


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Read the Rules Governing Waivers