Highly Qualified Teachers

To be highly qualified, teachers must be properly certified in all the content areas they are teaching. If they do not have a major and have contractual teaching experience prior to the 2006-07 school year, they must be fully authorized and have three years of teaching experience, a graduate degree or National Board Certification.

Tracking Status

You can track the status of your staff with the “Highly Qualified Status” report available on the PRF system. To access the information, you will need to enter your district user name and password. Then the screen list of which of your teachers are not highly qualified in core content areas they may be teaching. The highly qualified status report reflects the current (live) data available in the certification program. For this reason, it may be difficult or impossible to replicate the statistics on the report card due to any number of changes to your teachers’ certificates (i.e. if a teacher’s certificate expired on July 1, 2004 and this teacher has NOT completed the renewal process, they may currently be reported as NOT highly qualified).

SD Educator Equity Plan 2015 HQT Questions/Answers
Serving Children with Disabilities HQT Revised State Plan
Section 2141 Requirements for Certification – SD Administrative Rule
Requirements for Education Endorsement programs – SD Administrative Rule Parent Notification Letter


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