DSTEPA Science and MSAA

The Dakota STEP-A is available for students who have a significant cognitive disability and are working in the Extended Content and Alternate Academic Achievement Descriptors and whose IEP’s indicate alternate assessment for statewide testing.

This administration is prior to the Dakota STEP testing window in order to alleviate the workload for special education staff who administer both assessments. The test contains a rating form, and Supporting Evidence that is used to support the ratings given on the rating form. The rating forms are aligned to the Extended Content and are grade specific, focusing on reading and math at grades 3-8 & 11, with the addition of Science at grades 5, 8, & 11, and Technology at grade 8.

STEP-A Alternate training
A DSTEP-A Rater 1 Training powerpoint
2016 DSTEP-A Directions for Administering

STEP-A Rater 2 Training
DSTEP Rater 2 Training

2013 Technical Report
2012 DSTEP-Alt Technical Report
2011 DSTEP-Alt Technical Report
2010 DSTEP-Alt Technical Report


Administration Materials
Data Collection Form
Performance Description
Supporting Evidence Rubric

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Blueprints/ Various Reports
South Dakota’s NCLB Approval


Ben Morrison, SD Department of Education, at ben.morrison@state.sd.us