Stanford 10 Abbreviated (Home School)

South Dakota students who receive alternative instruction are required to take a norm-referenced assessment at grades 2, 4, 8 and 11. The South Dakota Department of Education provides, free of charge, the SAT10 (Stanford Achievement Test) to children who receive alternative instruction.

Make sure enough materials are on hand to accommodate all students in grades 2, 4, 8 and 11 that are being home schooled in your district.

Contact parents with information on testing window and when you will distribute materials.

Order additional materials, if needed – order form is labeled: SAT 10 Order Form

Recommended test window for SAT 10 Abbreviated: March 30 – April 24, 2015.

Medical Emergencies

Parents must sign a security agreement. Form is labeled: Security Agreement

All tests must be shipped by May 15, 2015 to Pearson.

Send student answer docs to Pearson following the directions labeled: Shipping Instructions

When results come back to the district, distribute to home school parents and keep a copy on file with other public school exemption resources.

*SD DOE will not allow tests to be mailed out of state/out of country to a home school family.

FAQ for Home School

Documents Forms
Home School Instructions SAT 10 Order Form
Scope & Sequence Shipping Instructions
SAT10 Disability Accommodation Order for Scoring Service
Gr. 8 Math Formulas Security Agreement (word)
Gr. 11 Math Formulas


For more information, contact Jonathan Nesladek at the Department of Education, (605) 773-3247.