CTE Teacher Certification

Based on feedback from the field, administrative rules related to CTE teacher certification were revised during the 2015-16 school year. The newly revised rules provide school districts and educators with additional flexibility in how they become certified to teach CTE courses while still ensuring educators have a strong knowledge base in both pedagogy and their specific content area.  

Educators may choose to become certified under the old administrative rules related to CTE Teacher Certification until June 30, 2018. On July 1, 2018, candidates must become certified under the new administrative rules related to CTE Teacher Certification.

The State Board of Education approved the revised rules in November 2015.

Current CTE Certification Rules (can be used until June 30, 2018)

NEW Certification Options:
CTE Degree Program Graduate Other Education Degree Graduate
Non-Education Degree Graduate
or Postsecondary Diploma Graduate
Non-Education Degree Graduate
or Postsecondary Diploma Graduate or Industry Experience

What endorsement do I need to teach a specific course?
What course can I teach with my endorsement?

Compare Current Endorsement Requirements and New Endorsement Requirements
Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Architecture & Construction
Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications
Career and Technical Alternative Certification
Business Management & Administration
Education & Training
Government & Public Administration
Health Science
Hospitality & Tourism
Human Services
Information Technology
Law, Public Safety & Security
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

CTE Teacher Certification FAQ's


For further information, contact Jane Gubrud, jane.gubrud@state.sd.us or by phone (605) 295-1892.