Standards-Based Report Cards (SBRC)

The state of South Dakota Department of Education recognizes the value in building an effective standards-based report card. While the DOE does not mandate the use of a SBRC, trainings are available through the state registration site for those who choose to develop this type of reporting system. SBRC trainings will focus on helping districts define a purpose for using a SBRC, guide them in aligning standards to student learning and assist in recording students’ progress and achievement based on standards. States whose schools have chosen to use a SBRC report the following benefits:

• A standards-based report card reinforces consistent, high expectations for all students and schools

• Standards-based report cards reflect what a student should know and be able to do at each grade level in all subjects

• This type of report card helps teachers, students, and families focus on the standards throughout the school year

• A standards based report card provides specific feedback on progress to the standards so students, families, and teachers can work together to set meaningful goals for improvement

• It provides information regarding big ideas and concepts each child has learned and what work is still needed for success in the next grade level

A group of teachers from across the state developed the State Performance Descriptors in the Spring of 2013 as a guide for educators who are developing or using a SBRC. Districts can choose to use the descriptors as written, edit the descriptors, or choose not to use them. These performance descriptors are also uploaded in Infinite Campus (IC). Only IC administrator will have access to the descriptors. The Process Guide gives an overview of SBRC and provides more detailed information on the research that was used to develop the state training sessions.

State Performance Descriptors
Process Guide


For more information, contact the Department of Education's Division of Learning and Instruction at (605) 773-8194.