Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement courses in South Dakota are optional advanced courses offered both in-person and through the South Dakota Virtual School. More information on Advanced Placement can be found on the College Board website.

AP Test Fee Program 2016

The expected federal contribution to low-income students is $38 per exam, with a cap of three federally subsidized exams per low-income student in 2015-16.

The College Board contribution to low-income students $30 per exam, with no cap on the number of subsidized exams per low-income student in 2015-16. Local School districts will also waive $9 per exam for low-income students.

The State of South Dakota is committed to contribute $15 per exam to low-income students, with a cap of three state subsidized exams per low-income student in 2015-16.

This combination of local, state, federal and College Board subsidies results in a: free exam fee for low-income students for up to three AP Exams per student this year.


Districts must keep documentation on file attesting to the fact students are eligible for this subsidy.

Learning Power Students are not eligible for this subsidy. Contact Learning Power administrators for further questions and instructions.

What the school must do:

Before the exams:

On the AP Exam Ordering website, enter the total number of students whom your school can attest fulfill the criteria to receive fee reductions for low-income students and the total number of exams they will take.

After the exams:
• Fill in the "Option 1" circle on qualifying students' AP Exam answer sheets.
• When generating your invoice online, enter the total number of exams taken by qualifying students.
• AP Coordinators will forgo the collection of AP Exam fees from qualifying students.
• AP Coordinators must submit a copy of their invoice to the state.
• The College Board will bill the state directly for $53 per exam per qualifying student.

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Direct questions to Sam Shaw, with the Department of Education at (605) 773-5229.