Math Standards

K – all K.CC K.OA K.NBT   K.MD K.G
1st - all   1.OA 1.NBT   1.MD 1.G
2nd – all   2.OA 2.NBT   2.MD 2.G
3rd – all   3.OA 3.NBT 3.NF 3.MD 3.G
4th – all   4.OA 4.NBT 4.NF 4.MD 4.G
5th – all   5.OA 5.NBT 5.NF 5.MD 5.G
6th – all 6.RP 6.NS 6.EE   6.G 6.SP
7th – all 7.RP 7.NS 7.EE   7.G 7.SP
8th – all   8.NS 8.EE 8.F 8.G 8.SP
Algebra I - all
Geometry - all
Algebra II - all

Introduction to College Algebra blueprint


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