CTE for Core Content Credit Application Process

CTE for Core Content Credit Application
Renewal CTE Core Content Application
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Approved CTE for Core Content List

In Sept. 2009, the State Board of Education revised the graduation requirements and provides students the opportunity to earn academic credit by completing approved career and technical education course. Approval to offer credit must be obtained through an application process with the Department of Education. The application must include:

• Course syllabus;
• Standards based curriculum;
• Teacher certification;
• Assessment of standards by methods including end-of-course exams, authentic assessment, project-based learning or rubrics.

Approval Process

Applications for 2017-18 school year must be submitted by Dec. 1, 2016.

Note: If application does not meet expectations, it will be sent back to district for revisions. Applications can take 6-8 weeks to finalize after first submission.

2. Small committee will review and score the application.
The committee will consist of:
a. State CTE specialist
b. State core content specialist(s)
c. At least one more core content teacher in the field

3. Team Leader and Director review and sign off on the application, approving the application.

4. An approval letter will be sent to the district. The course is approved for five years. District’s application must be finalized by December 1 to implement in the following school year.


• The teacher must be highly qualified in the content area prior to application submission.

• If new standards are adopted within the 5-year approval period, the original approved application will need to be amended and aligned to the new standards. Also, if a new teacher is hired within the 5-year approval period, the original approved application will need to be amended and updated by the new teacher. Upon approval, the amended application will be approved for a 5-year period. Specific program updates for courses in PLTW, CASE, and ProStart are considered new standards and will also require an amended application.

Renewal Process:

In the final year of application eligibility, submit the renewal application by Dec. 1.