Celebrate CTE Month

During the month of February, students and teachers across our state are taking time to celebrate Career & Technical Education.

CTE in South Dakota

Career & Technical Education prepares all students to be college & career-ready. CTE equips students with core academic skills, employability skills & job-specific technical skills related to a specific career pathway.

In South Dakota, CTE courses are offered in middle schools, high schools, technical institutes, and universities. Students access courses at their local school districts, at regional CTE centers, and online.

Within CTE, occupations and career specialties are grouped into Career Clusters®. Each of the 16 clusters is based on a set of common knowledge and skills that prepare learners for a full range of opportunities.

CTE Innovators

CTE classrooms are modern-day laboratories, where students and educators alike are developing the skills that will power the future of college and career success.

CTE classroom innovators are hard at work in nearly every community, and this February we invite you to join us in recognizing them.

Amy Miller, Assistant Principal – Webster Area High School:
Amy organized a Workforce Development Workshop to address the question “How can education and industry collaborate to improve workforce needs in Day County?” The event was attended by over 70 community members and school district personnel. As a result of the day long event, community members made plans to provide a career day to middle school students and increased internship opportunities to high school students.

Travis Lape, Technology Integrationist - Harrisburg:
Starting with a small budget of around $500, and looking at simple items they could use to engage students in collaboration, research, and creativity, Harrisburg South Middle School embraced the MakerSpace challenge. Students are able to come into the MakerSpace before or after school and during their study hall if all their work is complete. The MakerSpace includes some unique creation activities for our students with some of them being our Bubblegum Creation Station, Makey-Makey Kits, Sphero Robotics, Marker Bot Creation, and Take-Apart Technology, as well as many other stations that engage our students in collaboration, research, and creativity. There are high tech stations, and no tech stations. It truly has grown organically by listening and watching the students work in the environment. Travis has engaged students and promoted the MakerSpace as the place to be, and his enthusiasm is catching.

Glen Talley, Law Enforcement Technology Instructor – Western Dakota Tech:
The WDT Law Enforcement Technology Program began in 1990. Compared to today, the training in 1990 was bare bones in way technology. Today, under the instruction of Glen Talley, the WDT Law Enforcement students have a variety of training mediums. From traditional lecture, to high tech driving/firearms simulators, to actual hands training such as: RADAR, TASER, In Car Video, Firearms, and operating actual Police Vehicles. The integration of varied training platforms, allows the Student to progress in a safe and controlled, yet realistic manner. They are training for the real world of a Law Enforcement Career, with real world technology.

Brooke Lingbeck, Business/Computer Teacher – Groton Area:
Brooke graduated from Oldham-Ramona High School, and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Education from Dakota State University. This is her first year of teaching, and also the first year of expanding the Groton Area internship program into the community. The internship program is successful not only because of the student’s participation, but also the cooperation of area businesses. In order to become an intern participants must complete a resume and cover letter. While the students are interning they must complete a weekly blog summarizing their daily activities. Once the internship is complete students must write a reflection on their internship and also present their internship experience to the junior class. Overall, the internship program is an extremely valuable experience for the students because they are exposed to an array of career options.

Karen Roudabush, Ag Ed Instructor – Bridgewater-Emery:
Karen has always loved the idea of being a teacher. Her dad was an ag teacher she witnessed his love of teaching and engaging with students. As an enthusiastic supporter of CTE in South Dakota, Karen expressed that CTE is important because it helps students make those connections from what they’re doing in class to what they might do in their future careers or just later today on the farm. It solidifies what they’re learning in other classes. Connecting her curriculum to other courses is important. Karen will point out to a student something they learned about in science, and explain the immediate application of it in their agricultural education class. She appreciates that CTE is real-life, hand-on and applicable to students’ lives now and in the future. Karen was featured in the February DOE Blog Spot and you read more about her here: http://sddoe.blogspot.com/.

CTE Infographic Contest Winners Announced


Terry Beacom, Business/Computer Teacher – Vermillion High School:
Terry Beacom embraced the CTE Infographic contest sponsored by the Department of Education as an opportunity for his students to further explore what CTE is and what CTE can offer them. His students now understand what Infographics are and how they can be used to tell a compelling story. Their infographics are a call to action – to find out what their interests are, explore careers and CTE courses. Under his guidance, Terry’s students placed 1st and 2nd in the Infographic contest.

Liz Hamburg, Community Partnership Facilitator – Rapid City Area Schools:
Liz began to work for the Rapid City Area Schools as the Partnership Rapid City office was being created. Partnership Rapid City develops and channels resources that enhance education and bring real world relevance to the work of our schools. Primarily, Partnership Rapid City supports the Beyond the Books internship program, the JAG program and the Cobbler 2 Cobbler peer mentoring program within the high schools. Students in the Beyond the Books classes can choose either a Service Learning track or a Youth Internship track as the focus of their work outside of the classroom. The Partnership office also directs the work of Teen Up, a community-wide youth engagement and leadership program, as well as special events including Realty Check - a financial literacy 'game of life' and CampMed - a healthcare career fair for middle school students. Partnership Rapid City also manages various community focused opportunities as directed by the Superintendent. Helping students to see the connection between education to the 'real world' is what Partnership Rapid City is all about.

Linda Petersen, Ag Ed Instructor – West Central High School:
Linda runs a paperless classroom. It features student issued MacBook Air laptops through the district’s one-to-one initiative. All tests and quizzes are completed online for instant feedback for students. WordPress blogs are utilized by students to further develop their writing and research skills. Students track their accomplishments, involvement, volunteerism and work place skills in an on-line record keeping system which aligns with the national standards and cluster specific skills for Agriculture Food and Natural Resources curriculum.

Mark Otten, K12 Principal - Burke School District:
Mark is a graduate of USD with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. He also received his Master’s Degree in Administration from USD. He got his start in the CTE realm as the K12 principal in Burke and then as the PLTW Introduction to Engineering instructor in Burke. Mark currently is serving as the president of the administration division of SDACTE. In the five years that he has been in Burke, the school district has gone from having one approved CTE program to now having seven approved programs. The school of approximately 60 high school students now has programs in Architecture and Construction, STEM, Human Services, Business management and administration, Health Science, Manufacturing, and Arts AV Technology and Communication. Some of those programs have been made possible through administrators’ willingness to teach in those areas while others have come to fruition through grant money that has been awarded the district. Mark credits his superintendent, Erik Person, for making CTE such an important part of what they do in the Burke School District on a daily basis.

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