Gateway Camps

The Gateway Academy Camps utilize Project Lead the Way’s project-based, hands-on, and real world problem solving approach to STEM education. The camps are designed to nurture kids’ imaginations, inspire creativity, and develop self-confidence. The educational activities found at a Gateway Academy Camp thoroughly engage girls and boys from all backgrounds, igniting their passion and fueling interest in understanding how things work, while significantly advancing their skills in STEM subjects.

Gateway Academy sites are selected to provide leading edge technologies that allow kids to sample topics such as robotics, dissection, and 3D modeling. Participants will broaden their understanding of the engineering design process and the scientific method. They will act as scientists, researchers, and engineers while being exposed to these career paths.

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Students will have the opportunity to participate in a number of activities at camp. Activities can include:
• Robotics Challenge
• Cow Eye Dissection
• Field Trips
• Bridge Building
• Shelter Survival Challenge
• 3-D Modeling
• Eggstronaut

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For more information, contact the Department of Education's Division of Career and Technical Education at (605) 773-3423, or view Project Lead The Way.