South Dakota Counts

Under Part B of the Title II Federal Grant Programs, the U.S. Department of Education provides grants to state educational agencies (SEAs). Title II Part B, also called the Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP), is a competitive grant that will be distributed to eligible local entities through an application process.

The goals for the next funding cycle will build upon the goals from prior years. The priority goal of the current grant is to deepen content knowledge of South Dakota’s math standards, and strengthen instructional practices and use of data for math teachers in grades four through eight. The second priority goal is to continue to support development of K-3 teachers' content knowledge, and strengthen instructional practices and use of data to drive instruction. The third priority goal is to support instruction practices and the use of data to drive instruction for high school teachers.

This project does not advocate for the implementation of any particular instructional materials and project staff will not advocate for one set of materials over another. The goal is good instruction regardless of the materials used by districts. The goal of SD Counts is to support teachers using their district-adopted materials.

These funds are made available on a competitive basis to eligible LEAs. Request for Proposals are due on April 17, 2015. Awards are anticipated to be made on or before May 1, 2015.

2015 RFP
2015 Budget Form
2015 Itemized Program Plan
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