South Dakota Education Data Governance Group

SD-EDGG Charter
SD-EDGG Members

The South Dakota Education Data Governance Group consists (SD-EDGG) of school district representatives and department staff. The group recommends data management policies and procedures that will contribute to the ultimate success of the public education system by defining policies and procedures governing the quality, availability, use, and security of educational data.


To improve teaching, learning, and state and local educational program operations throughout South Dakota’s public schools through the timely delivery and use of information, using established, secure processes for efficient and effective collection and maintenance of educational data as governed by State statutes and administrative rules, and in accordance with the privacy rights of individual students

Goals of SD-EDGG:
• Identify those existing data sources and reporting processes of greatest educational value; root out waste and redundancy.
• Establish and maintain statewide data and metadata standards, including those for data quality.
• Ensure the security and confidentiality of all educational data.
• Define appropriate levels of data ownership, access and related support services for both SD DOE and LEA users, and other constituencies, including: legislators, academic researchers, and other authorized users.
• Support active use of state educational data through effective information sharing and professional development for educators.

Data Sharing Review
SD Data Access Policy
District Confidentiality Policy Example

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Questions regarding the South Dakota Education Data Governance Group can be directed to:
Sara Kock (605) 773-6158 or Kim Carlson (605) 773-8062