E-rate and District Technology Plans

E-rate Program

The E-rate Program was created to help ensure that schools and libraries can acquire high-level telecommunication and internet services at reasonable rates.

Those eligible for E-rate funding are public schools and libraries along with most private non-profit schools and libraries. The discount received is determined by the urban/rural status and the poverty level of the students served.

Applications for E-rate eligible services can be submitted to the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) at http://www.usac.org/sl/

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Webinar Trainings
470 Category 2 View Webinar PowerPoint Slides
471 Category 1 Training View Webinar PowerPoint Slides
471 Category 2 Training View Webinar PowerPoint Slides
Library Webinar View Webinar PowerPoint Slides
CIPA Requirements View Webinar PowerPoint Slides

Category 1 Application Walkthrough
Form – 471 Split Bandwidth

District Technology Plans

The District Technology Plan is a document that guides the school districts in appropriating technology to effectively teach students, develop staff proficiencies, and maximize technology equipment usage. The Department of Education recommends that a Technology Plan be on file for each educational entity.

As of July 1, 2015, a District Technology Plan is no longer required for E-rate, and the Dept. of Education does not require that a District Technology Plan be filed with the department.


Debra M Kriete, State E-rate Coordinator
(888) 232-0241

Michelle Kronberg, South Dakota Department of Education
(605) 773-2910

Lisa Rae, South Dakota Department of Education
(605) 773-3248